Let It Be – review

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  1. Simon says:

    So they have not restored the scen3s Paul, Ringo and George asked to to be cut then?

  2. Tim Wilson says:

    I tend to be exacting in my audio/visual experiences and note a clear difference and substantial improvement over the prior bootlegs. In my opinion, the video was improved fantastically over anything before. However, I feel that the studio audio of the incomplete music they played could have been a little bit better. I have heard the NAGRA reels of the originally recorded sound and from the awful postproduction of the original film with all its wow and flutter and grain.
    The original NAGRA reel, say for example, in the opening piano Adagio for strings sound so much better than what is on the new LIB release. They wanted to achieve a “film” look which seems to have slightly softened some video details. I appreciate the desire not to show every detail of every pore on their faces, but I think in some cases it was done well and other cases to excess.
    Having said all this, it’s great to have it as the improvements very much outweigh the deficiencies and with the effort by Apple/Disney to bring this back, it will be an easy decision to buy the DVD when it is released.

  3. Win Corr says:

    The new Let it Be is better than any of the bootlegs. The picture and sound quality is superb. Throw away the bootlegs and the laserdiscs. I was pleased they smoothed out the first Down Let Me Down. It was very harsh. Having the context of the Get back series is helpful, but Let it Be stands on it’s own very well. They really were a great band. It’s a must see and will be better on repeated views now.

  4. Glenn Milam says:

    I’m going to have to watch my old bootleg copy again. Because I remember the movie being much more tense than this seems to be. I guess after seeing all the dirty laundry in Get Back, this seems almost joyful.

  5. Cláudio says:

    I don’t think they did the restoration the right way. It doesn’t make sense for the film Let it Be to return with the same aspect ratio as an analogue TV from the past. My perception was that I was watching one of my DVD-R boots of Let it Be film on the big screen. It also doesn’t make sense in 2024 that the film’s sound editing is the same as it was in 1969 in mono and taken from the Nagra tapes. It’s a shame that the “new” Let it Be movie didn’t use sound recorded on multitrack tape, not even in the rooftop sequence. So to see this falsely restored re-release is a huge disappointment. Will we never have the Let it Be movie in widescreen? So I prefer the documentary Get Back

    • Glenn Milam says:

      That would be difficult since it wasn’t filmed in wide screen or recorded on multitrack.

      • Cláudio says:

        I do not agree. We are in the era of high digital technology. We have Get Back in widescreen format with pristine sound editing. So it is neither understandable nor acceptable to re-release Let it Be in mono and in an outdated screen format. Does not make sense. The right way to relaunch was with new image editing. Get Back proved that this is possible…

        • admin says:

          The 16mm film is in 4:3 ratio. Making it go widescreen either means stretching it, which will be skewing the images, or zooming in, which means losing top and/or bottoms of the image. A new approach could be using the 4:3 image in the middle and make AI fill in the left and right part 😀

          • Cláudio says:

            Yes that’s it. If it was possible to do what they did in Get Back from the same rolls of film from which the final edition of Let it Be also came, then we can dream of a re-release that rescues Let it Be for the modern era in audio and image

    • Tim Wilson says:

      I prefer the Get Back movie as well for the reason that you feel like you are really seeing the dynamic and the friendship of the band along with the music. Those first several days were a seemed a little rough at times, but there was laughing also, and it seems things got better between them after George returned from his walk-out.
      The flowerpot conversation reveals to me that things weren’t as bad between John and Paul as some believed, although clearly with the arrival of Klein things rapidly got dark. So much negativity was read in to the Let It Be film by the dialogue editing and Paul has said as much. A good example of that was the Paul George disagreement. It was not as snappy as was portrayed in Let It Be but more a simmering discussion and disagreement and other dialogue with pauses between the barbs and then a return to rehearsing.

  6. debjorgo says:

    The worse I thought it got was the bit of dialog that turned up on a bootleg: Paul – “Okay. Back to the drudgery.” John – “It’s you that’s making it this way , Paul. It’s you.”

    When you see this in Get Back, you see Paul and John with big smiles on their face. They were joking.

  7. Paul Denison says:

    I was able to watch about half of Let it Be last night at my brother-in-law’s. It was great to see it again after such a long time.

    The two things which I missed the most (comparing it with Get Back) were the superb high definition and watching Kevin Harrington bringing the drinks every 15 minutes!

  8. John N Kaelin says:

    On a slightly related topic, I just watched the new Let It Be video now on the official website. I think they used the mix made with George’s new guitar solo from Jan 1970. Can anyone confirm this?

    • John N Kaelin says:

      I should clarify – the new music video for the song Let It Be. Not the complete restored movie now on Disney +.

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