Concert for George in Dolby Atmos

Available on some of the capable streaming services is a new, surround sound edition of the live album “Concert for George” from the Royal Albert Hall live event that gathered together George Harrison’s friends in tribute to the late musician, a year after his passing. The new edition is also due to be released in a physical format on a blu-ray together with a high definition stereo mix, according to

As usual with the Harrison products, Paul Hicks is the mixing engineer.

“With the fact that Apple and [others] have embraced spatial technology, I feel that people are ready to go a bit bolder in it now. When we did the theatrical [Dolby Atmos mix], you know, that’s meant for screenings, so was a little bit more traditional. But with how people are listening to Atmos today, I thought we could go a little bit more daring with this [Blu-ray audio]…the format is [typically] where you’re looking at the band, but for this Blu-ray you’re standing where the singers are—so it’s nice and immersive.
Having it on Blu-ray you get the advantage of the full-quality Atmos. It’s a chance to hear [the concert] full-quality in all its glory”.

Paul Hicks, 2022

The DeLuxe vinyl boxed set will also be re-released in limited quantities.

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  1. G.D. Wilde says:

    Only available here, and only for two weeks (!). This is part of SDE’s quality series of Bluray audio discs. Don’t hesitate (and be quick!)

  2. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the post and link, have ordered!

  3. diboland says:

    also als 4 LPs 2 CD 2 CD and 2 DVD and 2 CD and 2 Blu Rays December 2nd

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