Empty Abbey Road

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  1. Pete Black says:

    FEBRUARY 8th ?? Errrr . . . . August !!

  2. NB7 says:

    There’s very very strong rumours The Beatles are going to feature in the next series of Doctor Who currently being filmed. Abbey Road street signs and a zebra crossing have been spotted during filming.

    • Blakey says:

      Thanks for the info. Daleks crossing near Abbey Road would be a great image.

      But I’m afraid I lost all faith in Doctor Who when Matt Smith departed. It was great from 1963 to 2013. Now every episode seems to be a woke lecture from the BBC propaganda department.

  3. Steve Chang says:

    Anyone notice in that test black and white photo the second guy looks a lot like George in one of his 70’s period and the last guy looks a lot like John during his Imagine period.

    • Blakey says:

      I think Kevin Harrington – longtime Beatles roadie and the red haired chap seen on the rooftop gig – is one of the men on that test pic.

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