Three new EPs from Ringo

Since he stopped making albums, Ringo has recorded and released three EPs so far, one in 2021 and two in 2022.

In an interview with George Varga for the San Diego Union-Tribune, Ringo Starr reveals that he has plans to release three EPs this year, one of which will be a country flavoured EP.

Ringo was interviewed ahead of his upcoming tour, which starts on May 19. In the interview, he talks, among other things, about why he has now stopped recording albums, but has switched to EPs.

“The good thing with an EP is that it looks like it’s a short journey,” he said. “And it gives me a chance to invite people I’ve never worked with, or worked with very seldom, and to use one of their songs. And I always write one, of course.

“Everyone was wearing masks, which we’re not now, and I thought: ‘OK, let’s make an EP.’ So, this year I’m going to be doing three EPs! We’ve done one and we’re very busy (doing) the next one now, and (former San Diego singer-songwriter) Linda Perry is on it.

“Then, just by chance T Bone Burnett sent me this beautiful country song. It didn’t fit with a rock EP, so I said: ‘OK, now we’ll do a country EP.’ It’s not like I plan everything. Life just happens and I have time right now.”

You can read the full interview, as well as a bonus Q & A over at the San Diego Union-Tribune.

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  1. DukeViking says:

    If these ep cd’s and LP’s were $7 and $12 respectively, sure thing. But to charge what a full length costs
    – what a rip off to the fans. I stopped at his final full length in 2019. Enjoy this current ride to the fans still on this train.

  2. G.D. Wilde says:

    It’s like making an album and charging people three times for it …

  3. Tony Littman says:

    Does Ringo have the worst cover art of any of the ex-Beatles? It’s like he stopped caring about it years ago

    • dpannell666 says:

      I agree. The three existing e.p.s have pretty terrible cover art.
      Looking back at his post-alcohol album cover art, I think Y Not is the best of them. The others are mostly pretty meh. Ringo Rama is not bad. (The cover, that is. The music is excellent.)
      Looking back further, his first three solo albums have really good cover art, then there are a couple that are OK, and then some absolute stinkers. Ringo the 4th is beyond appalling. (Both the cover and the music!)

  4. Nb7 says:

    I personally have always loved Ringo albums, I was more disappointed from What’s My Name onwards.
    Same musicians, same style of songs but too repetitive. Having Linda Perry back isn’t a good thing in my opinion, her songs are just a bit too boring and meh.
    Really wish he’d team up with a producer especially in the country world which I think his voice is best suited.
    Ep3 had the best artwork for the ep’s.
    They do definitively need to change the structure of these, full album price for 4 songs, that’s a bit naughty. Plus three ep’s this year, that’s a full album!

  5. Timothy1 says:

    I am still hoping and praying for an archive release of the Ringo album. Someone from the Beatles station on Sirius XM mentioned it this morning too. Years ago, I had heard some outtakes from Six O’clock with Paul’s adding his scat singing at the end it is very interesting. If photos were taken of George, John and Ringo in the studio during the recording (the closest to a Beatles reunion up until Anthology) that would be almost worth the price of admission alone!

  6. Bob says:

    A little bit surprised that Vertical Man doesn’t get more love than it gets.(King of Broken Hearts. great song…) The cover art is above the standard fare and the music is really quite good too. There never is any mystery to what you’re going to get from Ringo. Enjoyable music, but not something your going to return to frequently..I agree with the Linda Perry comment. .

    • James P says:

      One of my favourites. He finally got to drum on Love Me Do as well!

      Ringo Rama was the album that made be a belated collector of Ringo albums. Up to that point I just had a couple – the usual suspects Ringo and Goodnight Vienna – but I picked up a copy of Ringo Rama soon after its release as a browsing purchase. I enjoyed it so much I hunted down most of his previous releases. I agree with sentiment about EPs. I stopped buying after 2. Too expensive when I can stream. I thought What’s My Name was one of the better recent albums.

  7. Dave Cox says:

    I have all of Ringo’s record collection from over the years. I am disappointed in Ringo’s attitude to his fans on his stance on releasing EPs as his standard for releasing his music. EP3 vinyl was retailing at approximately £22 to £25 for a paltry 4 tracks, Looks like it will cost around £66 to £75 for the 3 EPs. Well I am not going to do it. I waited until EP3 reduced on Amazon and bought the vinyl for £10. The 3 EPs should have been an Album for £25/£30. The CD price is no better just a rip off of the fans, 4 tracks for an album price. I normally buy both but the CD version is not in my collection. Also can’t understand why some EPs are at 33rpm and others at 45prm. If the prices do not reduce to a reasonable level then I am making a stand and I will not be buying them. Sorry about the rant but feel this is a step to far for me.

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