Goodbye, Tony Bramwell

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  1. Tumble Starker says:

    Rest in Peace Tony, one of the best Beatles book by an employee, the guy had a great life being part of the inner circle along with being Pauls pal, Tumble Starker

  2. Harriet Seltzer says:

    I was working at the publisher (St. Martin’s Press) when we published Tony’s book. MAGICAL MYSTERY TOURS was great, with an oh-so-perfect cover, and well loved by fans. As the company’s Event Manager, I accompanied him on a few US-based gigs (Beatle-fest type events) at different times. He kept everyone and every audience extremely informed and entertained. It was through his book that I also met his co-author, Rosemary Kingsland. We kept up a wonderful email correspondence for years and then finally met her and her family (and stayed with them) when my husband and I visited England for the umpteenth time in 2011. They were two great characters who worked well together and added so much to our behind the scenes knowledge of my favorite group ever, The Beatles.

  3. Robert Gausden says:

    Sad to learn about the passing of another member of the Beatles’ entourage. I had the pleasure of meeting Tony on one of the Beatles’ London Days. He signed his book for me, which contains numerous interesting recollections. He clearly had a low opinion of Yoko.

  4. Danny Jones says:

    I enjoyed most of his book but he was VERY insulting about Yoko – not nice or justified. I met him once and had a drink with him at a beatles tribute bands convention. By that point he’d downed one or two pints of the blackstuff. He told me the last time he spoke to Lennon he’d said he was divorcing Yoko and coming back to live in the UK. I would say this was more wishful thinking on Tony’s behalf. Still no doubting his knowledge on the band and despite his initially gruff nature it was nice to see he was happy to turn out at all things “beatle” – RIP

  5. Rob Geurtsen says:

    What a lovely obituary. Well done.

  6. Vicki D. Williams says:

    This article is the first time I’ve read that Paul and George knew each other as children or that Paul’s childhood neighborhood was in the area of George’s childhood neighborhood.
    Anyway, I met Tony at a Beatles convention in 2005 in Nashville. His book had just come out. He had, unfortunately, been in an auto accident just a couple of days before he left England for Nashville. He was still rather bruised and banged up and taking medication, so was feeling no pain. However, he was kind and gracious and friendly to us all.

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