Höfner thief found

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  1. Bob D says:

    Im sure the billionaire appreciates this

    • James Peet says:

      Billionaire or not, the principle of theft being wrong still applies. At Paul’s stage of life, these things take on a greater significance and he wants part of his youth back in his hands. There is no such thing as an “asterisk theft”, where the financial status of the person losing the item lessens the seriousness of the crime if they are wealthy.

      For me, I hope Paul is reunited with his bass very soon.

      • Kozmo says:

        Agreed! I’m sure a grateful Sir P. will reward those involved in solving this crime. That guitar is priceless to him and his family. It should be in a museum one day, a treasure for future music fans.

  2. JPMacOriginal says:

    We shall see….if “The Bass” turns up….I’m wondering exactly what Mr. McCartney will do 🤔

    • David Foyle says:

      As far as I know, as yet, Paul hasn’t acknowledged the return. My guess is he won’t make public any reward – at least here in the US, the “caretaker” was in possession of stolen goods (even if bought unknowingly), and would be required by law to return it. Publicly rewarding theft isn’t a good plan. But, yes, I’d bet he’ll give a reward, but not acknowledge doing so.

  3. Rickenbacker620 says:

    When can that bass be seen during the Ballad of J&Y recording session in the promo film?

  4. Esthersaylor128 says:

    Love to know did play get his guitar back and if this person went to jail thank you 💜✌

  5. Bill says:

    Are we to assume that the « Cavern » bass appearing in the background in the Now and Then video is merely a replica?

    • admin says:

      Thanks for alerting us. Well, finding it seemed to be imminent as they had found out who stole it (according to Christopher Scappeliti in the Guitar Player magazine). When we checked, the website that was set up by Höfner for the search was “taking a break” but is back up now. The December 2023 update was very positive and confirmed much of what Mr Scappeliti wrote in his article. And yet, the tweet might be coming from just an attention seeker. We’ll wait for the official word.

  6. Kozmo says:

    ABC network news (USA) broadcast a short segment about this recovery on its evening broadcast today.

  7. Kozmo says:

    So it wasn’t Magic Alex after all!

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