Rewriting history

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  1. Gregor says:

    Poor dead Danny Laine he did not deserve that. Shame on you Macca People.

  2. Jeff Ceragno says:

    Where the heck is London Town and Back To The Egg?

  3. Jim Nagy says:

    I guess PM will continue releasing and releasing the same old stuff, as long as people are willing to keep buying. Underdubbed -unfinished mixes are a joke. Putting only 9 songs on an entired CD is poor value for fans. This album has been remastered many times under the Archive Collection, 25th Anniversary, Deluxe, Archive Collection, others, and now this. I’d rather spend on something new and unheard of. PM has sold his old photos, drawings, music videos, concert audio & video, Linda’s photos, and books. The only thing left to sell is his used toilet paper….laugh.

  4. Rob Geurtsen says:

    This release is a masterpiece in itself. How wonderful to get a glimpse, to hear, art in development. This early mix / ‘underdubbed’ version shows that not all McCartney flourishes are improvements, even though they have been intended from the early minutes. I also like that some of the vocals are not that clear-cut as in the final version.
    Fans complaining about rewriting history have no clue about facts nor the art of history. The winner takes it all… and the complainers are never the winners, because their arguments are mostly a nuisance to themselves.
    Jim Nagy, why complain or joke – you don’t need to buy everything. The best movies and plays are re-released every couple of years, and it is up to you to buy or not to buy. It is quite strange to complain, you have a choice to buy, and to get new fans or keep the name in the spotlight on the market there needs to be product out there. It is good business and quite essential to popular art. So you spend on something unheard, like this underdubbed edition… and hope you can enjoy it, if not, just pass on the album to a fan with little resources and the desire to enjoy.

  5. Douglas Cole says:

    Thanks Rob. I couldn’t have said it any better. Some folk will never be pleased.

  6. FokkeZ says:

    The 2 cd has Paul McCartney & Wings, not on the spine, but on the discs. More important: I quite like these underdubbed mixes, an intersring listen. And I bought them on my own free will.

  7. Rik says:

    Underdubbed? More like underwhelmed!

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