McCartney on the road again – rumour

Paul McCartney restarted his touring career in 1989 after ten years away from the road.

It looks like Paul McCartney is itching to go out there and play live again. No official word on his own artist site yet, but an upcoming concert is listed at It’s for a concert on the 24th of May billed as “Hard Rock Live At The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino” in Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. The words TBA – meaning “to be announced” indicates that the gig or the time is still to be finalised and tickets are not for sale yet.

The listing

But there you have it – the first sign that Paul is picking up his concert career again after a two year hiatus during the pandemic. The venue has a 7,000-person capacity and will also be visited by other British acts like Rod Stewart (today, Feb 15), Elton John on Feb 27, The Who on April 22, Sting on May 22 and Ringo Starr on June 25. Paul McCartney is still not listed on their published schedule.

Paul McCartney has been touring for years – but there have been breaks in his touring years. When Wings broke up, he didn’t tour for a decade, from December 1979 to September 1989. He then toured for four years and ended touring again after the 1993 concerts. A number of troublesome years went by for the McCartney family during which time Paul’s wife Linda succumbed to breast cancer. With a new touring band, Paul was on the road again after nine years in 2002 and since then he has been touring with the same band right up to July 13, 2019 when he finished a U.S. leg of his “Freshen Up” tour at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

The tour was supposed to come to Europe in the spring/summer of 2020, where Paul was supposed to play in Lilles, Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux in France, Nijmegen in the Netherlands, Hannover in Germany, Naples and Lucca in Italy, and Barcelona in Spain in May and June. All those gigs were cancelled due to Covid-19.

Paul McCartney turns 80 on June 18, 2022. By the looks of it, he may be on the road again before that.

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  1. crazygoji says:

    That poor voice. It was slightly recovered on McCartney III.

  2. Ron Nasty says:

    Glastonbury is yet to announce a headliner for Saturday night, and it was meant to be Paul two years ago, so if he is about to hit the road again, could Glastonbury be on his itinerary?

  3. Hermilo Griz says:

    What kind book is that?

    • admin says:

      That’s a book in Norwegian about all the acts that have played in Drammenshallen in Drammen, Norway. Paul opened his 1989 tour there, and the gig is presented on three pages.

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