Mock up tour plan

There are a couple of rumours going the rounds on social media regarding tour plans for Paul McCartney. The above mock up “poster” started circulating on social media in Mexico, according to the information we have been getting.

Another, earlier rumour, which started circulating in Germany, had a European part of the “Got Back” tour slated for October (no dates, just the month) with McCartney gigging in no less than six cities in Germany (Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg and Stuttgart), before doing one offs in The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Poland (Warsaw), Austria (Vienna), the Czech Republic (Prague), Switzerland (Zurich), France (Paris), and the United Kingdom (London). These are listed at the ticket vendor

Of course, no official word as of yet. We doubt that Paul is planning a tour to end all tours. Usually, concert rumours will start by a leak from a specific venue before the deal has been signed – and we have yet to hear about such a leak.

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  1. John Vickers says:

    If this was the real thing, they would at least have spelt Sydney correctly! I don’t think we need worry just yet.

  2. Edward says:

    I’m guessing it’s fake as both Sydney and Tokyo are spelt wrong!

  3. Jan says:

    A very obvious fake mock-up. We all know nothing in this is McCartney’s team style. The pixelated reused photo, the misspelled cities, the inconsequent typography. Let alone the idea of a farewell tour, let alone set up in this way with spare gigs on 5 continents in 2 months. Not worth posting.

    Regarding the other rumour: enter any random band’s name and the random secondary ticket site lists similar dates, like here:

  4. And both of you would have spelled “spelt” properly.

  5. Danny Jones says:

    isnt London – Londres in Spanish? 😉

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