More Maysles footage coming?

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  1. Andy Lyman says:

    Are we sure that’s not CBS TV rather than Canadian Broadcasting?

  2. Paul Denison says:

    An expanded version of this excellent and pioneering film would be a joy to watch. There must be some great unseen footage in the archives and I look forward to hearing more about this project.

    Imagine if Peter Jackson were let loose with it! Unlikely, I guess.

  3. Paul Murphy says:

    Can they just stop releasing stuff until Lewisohn gets book 2 out! Paul’s photograph and lyric books have probably put the release back another 3 years already.

  4. John Kaelin says:

    A Disney + long form series would be great. A perfect forum for such an in depth look.

    Incidentally, I’m not sure we ever see book 2 from Lewisohn at this rate.

    • Paul Murphy says:

      Sadly, so. It has been almost 12 years now, to cover 4 years of the lives of 4 people. Allowing for J, P, G & R sleeping 6 hours a day, it has been longer than their every awake moment in that timeframe! It’s a wonder that the publishers haven’t sued for their advance back, actually. Mark frequently boasts about how large his advance was, that it was probably the last one of its kind, and there is no way they will ever recoup it from book sales. If you think of the number of target demographic that have passed in the last decade+, from age and Covid, that’s a mighty chunk. The recent converts, of which the Fabs are constantly regenerating through their music being timeless genius, will just wait for one book to be published, scanned and uploaded to the Dark Net, and then get it for free. I was listening to an interview of Mark’s from about a year ago on YT, and he says about people moaning about the wait, “Phh, they have no idea how long it takes.” Now, Mark’s a lovely guy, but this is both wrong, and extremely disingenuous – it was HE that had ‘no idea how long it takes’, since he has given release dates of 2018, 2020, 2021, and now … who knows. His mistake was putting everything in there from the start. The sales differential of the original tome, and the cropped-down version, show that. Who wants to know the life of Bob Wooler, Queenie Epstein, Ed Sullivan, et al, with no disrespect to them? Mark should have released the ‘abridged’ versions first, and got them out by 2020, and then gone back and made the full volumes; also giving him the opportunity to add recently-discovered information. He’d have been twice as rich in a fraction of the time, and a gazillion Fabs fans would have been happy.

      • Win Corr says:

        Mark may have actually blown it. But next year 2025 would be a great opportunity if Beatles First Visit project is out this year and they start with early years box sets next year.

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