New date for “Get Back”

Ny dato annonsert for The Beatles Get Back

Amazon in the UK has announced a new release date for the upcoming blu-ray of Peter Jackson’s documentary “The Beatles – Get Back”: July 11, 2022. In the USA the date is the day after, July 12. The new dates has apparently been confirmed by The Beatles official online store, but still not by Amazon in the USA. Still, chains like Target and Best Buy are both announcing the new date, as is American magazine Variety. In Australia, JB Hi-Fi has mailed their customers with the new release date downunder set to July 12, also.

A February 8 release date was announced in January, but faulty discs lacking the 2.0 stereo sound prevented the release, and Disney recalled the discs. A few of the faulty blu-rays fell into the wrong hands and appeared at horrendous prices on ebay, whereas mistakenly sent out their supply of the DVD version to pre-ordering customers.

In the USA there is also a DVD release coming out

No DVD edition has been announced in Europe, only the blu-ray is listed. And even as a blu-ray, the quality will not be as high definition as on Disney+, because the streaming service has it in 4k, a definition a standard blu-ray disc is incapable of delivering. Only the newer format UHD Blu-ray can hold 4k material, but no such release has been announced, at the time being.

The box with British ratings: 15 years.

Even though no extra material has been announced, we would have wished for the option of being able to view the rooftop concert without the police and the audience disturbances.

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  1. absinthe says:

    I’m quite happy with the bootleg. Disney will never get a nickel from me. Never.

  2. Rick says:

    I will believe it when I see it

  3. nateboy2 says:

    There must be a plan on the backburner for a Let It Be film release. When the Peter Jackson version came out, I saw 60 Minutes in Australia talking about the film, and showing clips from the Let It Be movie in perfect quality, such as Paul doing a mock Besame Mucho, which isn’t in the Peter Jackson version. I’m hoping that the Let It Be film release comes out with some extras on it, like the full rooftop performance without street scenes. The Jackson movie is really not necessary to expand, as it tells a story in documentary form. The extras need to come on a Let It Be film release. I only hope if it comes out around Christmas time, that it doesn’t supplant a Rubber Soul or Revolver remix and box set.

    • Mike says:

      He has footage of ALAN WILLIAMS visiting Twickenham. I don’t care where it comes out, but I’ve got to see that. ALSO: as pointed out, the rooftop concert is a compromise. Ideally, you would be able to see it as they presented it in the documentary, but also just the “concert” itself. “Let It Be” gives you a better sense of the entire performance…..but it’s got some edit choices that aren’t the best (although it also has at least one fantastic editing choice during “Don’t Let Me Down” that is NOT in the Peter Jackson movie).

  4. mrrtijn says:

    It feels like this whole release has been botched pretty badly. And still no extra content either. I’ll hold out until they have a decent release, not planning on buying this.

  5. G.D. Wilde says:

    The conundrum is that by not buying it, you will support Disney’s argument that DVD/Bluray formats are obsolete, and that streaming is the only way forward. This product seems deliberately tailored, with a high chance of it not selling too well compared to previous Beatles products, to ‘prove’ such a view, unfortunatly …

  6. Mike says:

    YES! I thought it was just me! The only complaint I had with “Get Back” is that the rooftop sequence was too interrupted. To get a feel for the actual “concert”, I still prefer “Let It Be”, if only because it has that incredible, beautiful film-edit: where John and Paul are singing “Don’t Let Me Down” and they look at each other while they’re singing. And the cut is mid-way through the lyric. A magic moment, but understandable why he didn’t recreate that edit. But….if we had the option of watching the concert BOTH ways, that would be ideal.

  7. mumbo says:

    “Get Back” is abysmal – horrible to watch with 80% of the time the audio not matching the video. It is like watching a bad dub of a foreign film. Keep your extras… and your DVDs and Blurays, thank you!
    Please, please not more of this!! …but you can sell every piece of sh… to those Beetlefans. They buy everything for their shelves. It’s ridiculous…

    • Mike says:

      Well if you think Get Back is abysmal, horrible to watch with 80% of the time the audio not matching the video, then wait until you see the original movie “Let It Be”. By the way, why are you even here if you can’t spell “Beatles” correctly? The most hilarious part of your drivel is the “please, please not more of this”. No one is forcing you to buy it, diaperboy. I can see you didn’t light the world on fire with that brain of yours….but then again, what do you expect from a guy who names himself after a track from “Wildlife”? lol

  8. Jason says:

    The entitlement here is astounding. We were just given a beautiful gift of 8 hours of previously unseen footage when we very nearly could have gotten only 1 hour. And all I keep reading and hearing is people wanting more, more, more.

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