Photos from Beatles Book Monthly for sale

Beatles Book magazines in binders.

Beatles Book Monthly or Beatles Monthly Book, I never knew in which order these words should be read, but they were a monthly official fan club publication from Beat Publications. Their photographer, Leslie Bryce had access to recording sessions, backstage at concerts and some times in their private homes, taking pictures on occasions no other photographers were invited to.

The photos were published in the monthly magazine, mostly in black and white, but from 1966 several colour photos were also featured. Two books containing photos and stories collected from their vast archives of more than 6000 photos have been published, the out-of-print “Best of The Beatles Book” from 2005 and “Looking Through You: Rare and Unseen Photographs from the Beatles Monthly Archive” from a decade later.

To celebrate 60 years since the magazine was launched in August 1963 by publisher Sean O’Mahony (Johnny Dean), a curated collection of prints are now available for purchase from their online store. Currently, 16 images are available, at £60.00 each.

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  1. Duncan says:

    That’ll be a NO.

  2. Frank says:

    They were never known for writing encyclopedias! ✍️ 🤣✌️ 🎸 🥁 🎶 🎵 ⏹️ 🪕 ✌️🤙🍺

  3. Joel says:

    They use DHL a giant rip off. Shipping, brokerage fees and duty cost more than the photo. No thanks

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