Plastic Ono Band announcement day

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  1. Mikko Suhonen says:

    I wonder if the price is as reasonable as that of the Imagine box.

  2. Reed says:

    Considering the amount of content, a much better value than the overpriced “Flaming Pie” by Sir Paul. These sets should be all about the music and not overwhelm you with paper items.

    • Rob Geurtsen says:

      Respectfully I disagree. Paul’s Archived series is also about the imagery and the additional mateirals, live music, and video material. Very very good. My Fireman set is now worth 10 times the original price… that is okay too.

  3. Sam says:

    What exactly is the “Elements” mix? And how does that differ from a regular mix? Thanks.

    • Shad Radna says:

      Just search for “John Lennon Elements Mix” and listen to a few of the ones that have already been released. They seem usually to be just one part of the track, like the vocal or the strings. Good for remixers, I suppose, but not something you’re likely to listen to very often.

  4. rick says:

    I just pre-ordered the 2 disk set

  5. Rich Cornock says:

    Is there much left in the Lennin archive now? The cupboard must be pretty bare

  6. nateboy2 says:

    This is my favorite Lennon album. But, $135? I have to save money for the more interesting upcoming remix of All Things Must Pass, and of course, the Let It Be box set. I might just get the mp3 files for this one. Less than half the price.

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