Ram at half speed

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  1. Cristian Alemán says:

    How come Paul didn’t learn how to do a proper celebration of an album? Remixing and adding good extra takes like it happened with the white album and abbey road… I simply don´t understand, Paul has the money to make it happen.

    • admin says:

      Paul was releasing deluxe boxed sets of his albums for years, long before The Beatles and John Lennon, he just didn’t wait for the albums to turn fifty. So if you want deluxe boxes of McCartney and Ram, they are already out there.

  2. rick says:

    Hopefully he won’t have at least 10 different versions of it coming out like with McCartney III

  3. Great. Just great. Do they even make 16.6 rpm turntables anymore? How are we supposed to play these half-speed masters??

  4. vern gibbons says:

    Half speed is crap. I’m waiting for quarter speed.

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