Ready Steady Go! DVD

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  1. Rob says:

    And for those who are interested in this material get the Shawn Levy (2002) book: ‘Ready, Steady, Go! Swinging London and the Invention of Cool’, published by HarperCollins’ Fourth Estate. ‘Source ISBN: 9781841152264 Ebook Edition © MARCH 2014 ISBN: 9780007375752’.

    • Barry says:

      I’d also recommend ‘Ready, Steady, Go! The Weekend Starts Here: The Definitive Story of the Show That Changed Pop TV’ by Andy Neill – a lovely big ‘coffee table’ book full of photos & info.

  2. G.D. Wilde says:

    Can this still be bought?

  3. Blakey says:

    Ridiculously promoted (i.e: no promotion), no trailer and there was no tracklisting when it was on the Kaleidoscope site. What’s the point of it? Why not release such a gem on a wider level? 300 copies is both daft and unfair on anybody who would love a copy of this but has blinked and missed it. There is very little authentic 60s music televison out there on DVD/Bluray, and this is a missed opportunity for old and new fans alike.

  4. Blakey says:

    Also, it has to be said. No Beatles, no 60s.

  5. David Smith says:

    Chris Perry (from Kaleidoscope )has posted that RSG didn’t sell as well as expected. Maybe the absence of The Beatles and the exorbitant price of £75 for 4 DVD’s have something to do with it.

    • James Peet says:

      I guess the copyrights issue of the Beatles’ music meant that it would probably have cost more than £75. A missed opportunity. Maybe it’s going to inspire Apple/Sony/Whoever to look at putting a collection of the Beatles’ appearances.

  6. Blakey says:

    I did hear that any of the 300 copies that were not sold would simply be withdrawn/ deleted, instead of going on sale again. Absolutely cock eyed and insane.

  7. Terry Toner says:

    frustrating finding out after he fact – I’m guessing somebody will make copies available some how

  8. Raphaël says:

    they better make a dvd with only all the Beatles segments, musical , interviews and all the rest !

    • James Peet says:

      They won’t. It always seems like anything relating to the Beatles, has some way of frustrating the long-term fans with something missing here or something wrongly detailed there. They don’t seem to understand that having all available footage, regardless of whether a song has more than one (mimed} performance. At least we aren’t in the days of flying in a solo from one take and grafting it onto another take, as we had with Anthology.

  9. Blakey says:

    I know someone who has got this DVD, and she reckons that it’s more or less the same quality as the late 80s PAL VHS releases and the Channel 4 repeats. It’s not been remastered, so I’ve been told.

    If Apple had any sense they would bring out their own restored RSG release, with Around The Beatles included. But I think it’s pretty certain that they won’t.

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