Ready Steady Go! DVD

This one went under our radar: Kaleidoscope, an organisation dedicated to saving old television shows, has in collaboration with BMG released a DVD set of four discs with all the currently available material from the British pop show Ready Steady Go!. With one exception: The Beatles miming to their own songs. However, other segments with the Beatles being interviewed etc are included.

The Birmingham based organisation specialises in locating previously missing, believed lost, television footage and coordinates ITV’s “Raiders of the Lost Archives” campaign.

BMG is the company who is currently holding the copyrights to the Ready Steady Go television show. Back in the eighties when a selection of clips, including Beatles songs, were released on video cassettes, it was Dave Clark of the Dave Clark Five who had the copyright.

The Kaleidoscope group convinced BMG to collaborate with them on this strictly limited (to 300 copies only) DVD set because they had more material from these shows in their archives than what BMG had in their!

The set compiles most of what has already been released on VHS or shown on Channel 4, plus introduces sequences that have not been seen on any previous releases or re-broadcasts. Shows have been reconstructed from surviving assets or are presented complete, where they survive.

These special items include:

· Tony Meehan talks about “Applejack”

· Millicent Martin “Suspicion”

· Bobby Shafto “She’s My Girl”

· Lulu “Can’t Hear You”

· Amateur DJ: Burt Bacharach

· Dusty Springfield “Losing You”

· The Beach Boys “Dance, Dance, Dance”

· The Plebs “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”

· Paul Williams “Gin House”

· The Zephyrs “Wonder What I’m Gonna Do”

· Manfred Mann “Five Long Years”

…..and more, including “Chart Time”, “Amateur DJ”, and “Mime Time” segments.

Also of note is a silent 8mm home movie shot off of a TV screen, with synced audio dubbed in from records, which offers a glimpse of an episode that had not been previous seen since its original broadcast.

Aside from the “new” material, there are several differences between this collection and the collections that had been previously offered in the VHS days.

For example, a superior source for some of the 02 July 1965 show has been used, allowing you to see the Peter Cook & Dudley Moore performance viewable without an overlay of closing credits. Where possible we have been able to preserve the original credits on some of the episodes, which had been removed in previous collections. This material has been collected from BMG, the BFI National Archive, Channel 4, ITV, and from private collectors.

Here’s the tracklists:

DISC ONE: 1963-1964

4 October 1963
–Interview with George Harrison
–Tony Meehan talks about “Applejack”
–Dance Demonstration: The Hitchhiker
–Helen Shapiro interview
–Helen Shapiro “Look Who It Is”
–Amateur DJ: Thesesa Confrey
–Interview with Ringo Starr
–Helen Shapiro “No Trespassing”
–MIME TIME judged by Paul McCartney
–Eden Kane “Like I Love You”
–Interview with The Beatles
–Press Conference
NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions The Beatles musical segments have been removed from this episode

20 March 1964
–The Beatles – Billboard Award presentation
–Dance Demonstration: The Block
–The Animals “Baby Let Me Take You Home”
–Eric Burdon interview
–Bobby Vee “Buddy’s Song”
–Bobby Vee interview
–The Beatles’ Art Contest
–Dusty Springfield “Every Day I Have To Cry”
–Amateur DJ: John Lennon
–Alma Cogan “Tennessee Waltz”
–Millicent Martin “Suspicion”
–George Harrison interview
–End Credits
NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions The Beatles musical segments have been removed from this episode

1 May 1964
–Kingsize Taylor and The Dominoes “Stupidity”
–Cilla Black “You’re My World”
–Cilla Black interview
–Billy Fury “Nothin’ Shaking But The Leaves On The Trees”
–Lulu “Shout”
–Lulu interview
–Bobby Shafto “She’s My Girl”
–Dance Demonstration
–The Four Pennies “Juliet”
–Billy Fury “I Will”
–Freddie and The Dreamers “I Love You Baby”
–Freddie Garrity interview
–Amateur DJ: P.J. Proby

28 August 1964
–The Moody Blues “Lose Your Money”
–Dusty Springfield “Can I Get A Witness”
–Mark Wynter “Love Hurts”
–Dance Demonstration: The Bread and Butter
–Lulu “Can’t Hear You No More”
–Amateur DJ: Burt Bacharach
–Gerry and The Pacemakers “It’s Gonna Be Alright”
–Gerry and The Pacemakers “It’s Just Because”


6 November 1964
–The Beach Boys “I Get Around”
–The Beach Boys interview
–The Beach Boys “When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)”
–Gene Pitney and Dusty Springfield Contest
–Dusty Springfield “Losing You”
–Gene Pitney “I’m Gonna Be Strong”
–Martha Reeves interview
–Martha and The Vandellas “Heat Wave”
–Martha and The Vandellas “Dancing In The Street”
–The Fourmost “Baby I Need Your Loving”
–The Beach Boys “Dance, Dance, Dance”

20 November 1964
–The Plebs “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”
–Paul Williams “Gin House”
–The Zephyrs “Wonder What I’m Gonna Do”
–Marvin Gaye “Can I Get A Witness”
–Audience Dance
–Simon Scott “My Baby’s Got Soul”
–Dance Demonstration
–Kenny Lynch “My Own Two Feet”
–Jerry Lee Lewis “High Heel Sneakers”
–Jerry Lee Lewis “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On”
–Marvin Gaye “How Sweet It Is”
–Them “Baby Please Don’t Go”
–Samantha Jones “It’s All Because of You”
–The Rolling Stones “Off The Hook”
–Brian Jones/Mick Jagger interview
–The Rolling Stones “Little Red Rooster”
–The Rolling Stones “Around and Around”

27 November 1964
–The Isley Brothers “Stagger Lee”
–The Zombies “Summertime”
–Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas “Tennessee Waltz”
–The Searchers “This Feeling Inside”
–The Isley Brothers “The Last Girl”
–Sandie Shaw interview
–Sandie Shaw “Girl Don’t Come”
–The Searchers “What Have They Done To The Rain”
–The Beatles interview
–Kim Weston “A Little More Love”
–The Beatles interview

NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions The Beatles musical segments have been removed from this episode

–Kaleidoscope Trailers

DISC THREE: 1964-1965

11 December 1964
–Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames “Monkeying Around”
–The McKinleys “Sweet and Tender Romance”
–Kenny Lunch “My Own Two Feet”
–Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames “Yeh Yeh”
–Tony Jackson and The Vibrations “You Beat Me To The Punch”
–Tony Jackson interview
–John L. Watson and The Hummelflugs “Lookin’ For Love”
–Rufus Thomas “Walking The Dog”
–Rufus Thomas interview
–Rufus Thomas “Jump Back”
–Dick and DeeDee “Thou Shalt Not Steal”
–Gerry and The Pacemakers “Ferry Cross The Mersey”
–Gerry and The Pacemakers “Why Oh Why”
–Gerry and The Pacemakers “My Babe”

–Opening Medley:
The Supremes “Baby Love”
The Miracles “You Really Got A Hold On Me”
Stevie Wonder “I Call It Pretty Music But The Old People Call It The Blues”
The Temptations “The Way You Do The Things You Do”
–Martha and The Vandellas “Heat Wave”
–Dusty Springfield “You Lost The Sweetest Boy”
–The Miracles “Ooh Baby Baby”
–Martha Reeves, The Vandellas, and Dusty Springfield “Wishin’ and Hopin’”
–The Temptations “It’s Growing”
–The Supremes “Shake”
–Martha and The Vandellas “Nowhere To Run”
–Stevie Wonder “Kiss Me Baby”
–Dusty Springfield with Martha and The Vandellas, “Can’t Hear You”
–The Supremes “Stop! In The Name Of Love”
–The Temptations “My Girl”
–Martha and The Vandellas “Dancing In The Street”
–The Miracles “Shop Around”
–The Supremes “Where Did Our Love Go?”
–The Miracles and cast “Mickey’s Monkey”

2 July 1965
–Kenny Lynch “I’ll Stay By You”
–The Who “Anyway Anyhow Anywhere”
–The Who “Shout and Shimmy”
–Nina Simone “I Put A Spell On You”
–Peter Cook and Dudley Moore interview
–Peter Cook and Dudley Moore “Goodbyeee”
–Manfred Mann “Five Long Years”

10 September 1965
–MIME TIME The Rolling Stones, Andrew Oldham, and Cathy McGowan
–The Rolling Stones “Oh, Baby (We Got A Good Thing Going)”
–The Rolling Stones “That’s How Strong My Love Is”
–The Rolling Stones “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”

DISC FOUR: 1966 and More

25 February 1966
–The Walker Brothers “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Any More”
–The Walker Brothers “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”

27 May 1966
–The Rolling Stones “I Am Waiting”
–The Rolling Stones “Under My Thumb”
–The Rolling Stones “Paint It Black”

29 July 1966
Silent 8mm shot off a TV screen, fragments of songs with dubbed sound
–The Merseys “So Sad About Us”
–Manfred Mann “Just Like A Woman”
–Manfred Mann “Mickey’s Monkey”
–Solomon Burke “Down In The Valley”
–David and Jonathan “Lovers of The World Unite”
–The Alan Bown Set “Headline News”

16 September 1966
–Otis Redding “Satisfaction”
–Otis Redding “My Girl”
–Otis Redding “Respect”
–Eric Burdon “Hold On, I’m Coming”
–Chris Farlowe “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”
–The Cast Medley
–Channel 4 “The Weekend Starts Here!” tx: 15 June 1985
–“Uncle Charles – Man and The Machine” excerpts from a Rediffusion episode from 1965, with scenes shot on
the set of “Ready Steady Go!”
–“Around The Beatles” excerpts from a 1964 Rediffusion TV special. With The Vernon Girls, Long John Baldry, Cilla
Black, Sounds Incorporated, Millie, P.J. Proby, Murray The K, The Jets, and The Beatles
NOTE – due to licensing restrictions The Beatles musical segments have been removed from this presentation– 

13 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    And for those who are interested in this material get the Shawn Levy (2002) book: ‘Ready, Steady, Go! Swinging London and the Invention of Cool’, published by HarperCollins’ Fourth Estate. ‘Source ISBN: 9781841152264 Ebook Edition © MARCH 2014 ISBN: 9780007375752’.

    • Barry says:

      I’d also recommend ‘Ready, Steady, Go! The Weekend Starts Here: The Definitive Story of the Show That Changed Pop TV’ by Andy Neill – a lovely big ‘coffee table’ book full of photos & info.

  2. G.D. Wilde says:

    Can this still be bought?

  3. Blakey says:

    Ridiculously promoted (i.e: no promotion), no trailer and there was no tracklisting when it was on the Kaleidoscope site. What’s the point of it? Why not release such a gem on a wider level? 300 copies is both daft and unfair on anybody who would love a copy of this but has blinked and missed it. There is very little authentic 60s music televison out there on DVD/Bluray, and this is a missed opportunity for old and new fans alike.

  4. Blakey says:

    Also, it has to be said. No Beatles, no 60s.

  5. David Smith says:

    Chris Perry (from Kaleidoscope )has posted that RSG didn’t sell as well as expected. Maybe the absence of The Beatles and the exorbitant price of £75 for 4 DVD’s have something to do with it.

    • James Peet says:

      I guess the copyrights issue of the Beatles’ music meant that it would probably have cost more than £75. A missed opportunity. Maybe it’s going to inspire Apple/Sony/Whoever to look at putting a collection of the Beatles’ appearances.

  6. Blakey says:

    I did hear that any of the 300 copies that were not sold would simply be withdrawn/ deleted, instead of going on sale again. Absolutely cock eyed and insane.

  7. Terry Toner says:

    frustrating finding out after he fact – I’m guessing somebody will make copies available some how

  8. Raphaël says:

    they better make a dvd with only all the Beatles segments, musical , interviews and all the rest !

    • James Peet says:

      They won’t. It always seems like anything relating to the Beatles, has some way of frustrating the long-term fans with something missing here or something wrongly detailed there. They don’t seem to understand that having all available footage, regardless of whether a song has more than one (mimed} performance. At least we aren’t in the days of flying in a solo from one take and grafting it onto another take, as we had with Anthology.

  9. Blakey says:

    I know someone who has got this DVD, and she reckons that it’s more or less the same quality as the late 80s PAL VHS releases and the Channel 4 repeats. It’s not been remastered, so I’ve been told.

    If Apple had any sense they would bring out their own restored RSG release, with Around The Beatles included. But I think it’s pretty certain that they won’t.

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