New Abbey Road photo?

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  1. So, who called the Bobby…oh yeah who’s the only one couldn’t stop traffic, even when he took off his hobnailed boots with and without holier stocking’s? 🤣🎞🎥📽🎬 🐛 🪲 🐞 🐛 🎸 🥁

  2. Gary says:

    Judging by the age of the guy and the absence of a helmet, I’m more inclined to think studio security man.

  3. Blakey says:

    A great find, cheers Roger. The gentleman is almost certainly a police officer. Although blurred, those things on his shoulders will almost certainly be his epaulette numbers.

  4. Patsounds The Netherlands. says:

    But Paul has shoes on his feet? No sandals?

  5. Larsaf says:

    Thanks for the preliminary photo, which I had never seen before. Apparently the infamous VW Beetle was already in that same spot on that day.

  6. Franco Alvear says:

    Paul is wearing a t-shirt (pale pink) under his jacket in this one. Also he’s wearing shoes.
    On the actual Abbey Road photo session he is wearing a pale blue shirt and sandals.
    So…, no. It’s not from that day.
    Maybe the day before or after.

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