Rewind forward with Ringo

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  1. DukeViking says:

    another useless paint by numbers release. Charge $20+ for a 4-song vinyl ep. Bring on BOTR50 festivities or the fabled Now and Then reunion track. OR – maybe a SDE of Rubber Soul (maybe 2024 or 2025…)

  2. Frank says:

    Let’s be honest. Ringo’s post Goodnight Vienna work is completely irrelevant.

    • Barb says:

      Relevant to what? None of Ringo’s solo work is particularly groundbreaking. He has recorded several enjoyable albums. Many of them are much better than Goodnight Vienna. Sounds like you stopped listening when the hit singles stopped. Your loss.

  3. rgsalin says:

    I hold the opinion that Ringo should focus solely on playing the drums, rather than singing or composing. For instance, in albums like “Ringo Rama” or “Y Not,” to name just a couple, his drumming sounds superb, and I thoroughly enjoy listening to his drum skills alone.

  4. Paul Murphy says:

    On a sidebar, Ringo must be wondering what the heck he has to do to get offered the ‘Legends’ slot at Glastonbury.

  5. Sad New York says:

    From A distance looking in, seems strange, News of a last new Beatles song leaks, or emerges, nothing happens for a couple months, except the mistaken AI vocals flap. Then Ringo has a new EP, lets wait more. Ringo has had EPs lately, as often as the bus by my house, but it comes first ok… Far as know, there is no 2nd new track, Threetles track, so the new Ringo track featuring Paul, is sort of the closest thing to a Bside or 2nd new track, but they don’t go with that, They go with a different song for the lead off,

    Just a series of things that don’t make sense. I am not so sure it’s all snafus, or mistakes. I was so primed for the new song, the last song, what seems like a weird series of marketing moves. Go with your strengths, all 4 Beatles on a new track, I’m no marketing expert. Democracy is messy they say. But this isin’t democracy, whoever it is Jeff Jones, Universal, I don’t know…..So long & so much twisted anguish, waiting just for announcement & details & confirmation,, I don’t think this protracted deal is helping, I know it’s frustrating, painful, for me, & kind of turning me off getting me uptight angry. I doubt it’s the Beatles themselves causing this. Sure people can wait, but don’t torture them while they are waiting. Red & Blue are nice comps, kind of poor vehicle for one new song, not even all 3 reunion songs, or remix on Bird and Real Love. Rather than building momentum, as an observer I see frustration, or worse. Even John’s younger son got involved, Yoko is 90 & ailing, let her see & enjoy this with Sean & the world. They want younger new fans, ok, well why would a 22 year old be any happier with this, than a 52 or 62 year old ? All I care about really, is hearing the song, owning a copy or burning one, seeing the music video, & knowing what other songs may be involved. Will an announcement & release assuage these feelings, Hey I’m pro Beatles, less people around them all the time. Please people, enough about you & more about Now & Then. 2 months already.

    • admin says:

      We all have to remember that the start of all this was that Paul, in an interview about his photo exhibition was asked what he thought about the wave of AI resurrecting dead people’s voices. He used his own involvement in remaking a lost Beatles/Lennon track to describe how AI also can be used differently for good causes and expressed that he was cautious about the use of AI in the future and what it could mean for the record industry. That was no announcement, he only used the existence if this track which was fresh in his mind to reply to the question. However this led to headlines being made and sparked a discussion between fans and many (particularly the ones who only read headlines) thought that the technology was used to recreate Lennon vocals. This again lead to Sean feeling he has to go out and clarify, and it lead to Ringo being asked questions about the track from reporters. Then Giles Martin played the track he had just been involved in creating, plus some new mixes of Beatles songs to a celebrity magician, who thought it would be okay to chat about it in his podcast. It turned out it wasn’t so the episode was taken off the air. So there has been no announcement of the new track or timeframe as to when this was planned to be made publicly available, and no announcement of the red and blue albums. Everything is hearsay and The Daily Beatle is also guilty of bringing it to the attention of Beatlesfans.

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