Samples from Stowe School

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  1. Simon Hall Sands says:

    Where can you hear them?

  2. Stephen says:

    So the whole thing’s on YouTube.
    Wow. What an amazing treat. Sound quality is fine, but the performance…Jesus Christ it makes parts of the Star Club look tame. And George Harrison is absolutely on fire. Playing way above his usual level on those solos. Boy could he play guitar!

  3. Dabada says:

    sounds like BBC Songs

  4. Larry Diaz says:


  5. Artie Lee says:

    Thanks for this, great to hear. We can but hope for an official release

  6. Gary Howman says:

    Fantastic to hear. Excellent performance. Sounds like the Star Club in better quality. Shame George doesn’t sing on full show.

  7. DukeViking says:

    Unofficial or not – this is by far the best release in 2023 for a Beatles release. This will hold me over until “Now and Then.” Got the .flac files and enjoying the shit out of them.

  8. John says:

    Here is the entire show from CD2

    I love the version of Love Me Do on this recording – band playing great and sounds like the audience is singing along – never heard Love Me Do this way before…. Awesome

  9. Stoneburner says:

    Fantastic to hear this , but let’s try to be a little realistic . On the BBC radio programme it sounded better than this . My guess is that it was recorded on a phone from the headphones when someone was listening to the original at the British Museum , where it is available to everyone . The band are really terrific but there’s no bass and distant vocals , so IMHO it is inferior to the Star Club tapes , where the balance is much better . Great to hear then in front of a fanatical audience who are not screaming girls though , probably the nearest you’ll hear to an early club gig .

  10. Michel says:

    Listening this for the first time on holiday. Wow this is the best bootleg in yeaaaaars. Reminds me of the good old bootleg cd years. Eyes closed, ears open!

  11. Mark smith says:

    Wow wow wow how great can music life get now where can I get cd set best wishes to all the greatest live band ever

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