Ringo the 4th in two new colours for RSD

Orange is the new black for Ringo the 4th

There are Record Store Day releases from Ringo, George and Paul in 2022.

It appears that Friday Music has bought the rights to Ringo’s late seventies albums and are releasing them in various ways. For Record Store Day April 23, 2022, the label makes available “Ringo the 4th” again, in two new vinyl colours, both translucent: orange and blue. Your collection may already contain the red and gold translucent ones from Valentine’s Day 2020.

The two new colours are available in only a thousand copies each for RSD. But, this being a “RSD First” release, these titles are found first at indie record stores but may be released to other retailers or webstores at some point in the future.

Beacoups of blue…at least 1000 copies.

Here’s what Friday Music wrote about their earlier release of Ringo the 4th in gold:

Often considered one of his coolest works of the late seventies, “Ringo The 4th” would become one of the Ringo Starr’s most loved ventures and one of the finer rock recordings of 1977. Featuring the hit singles “Drowning In The Sea Of Love” and “Wings”, “Ringo The 4th” truly captures the Beatles’ drummer and vocalist with a driving and eclectic album that continues to thrill generations of fans.

Whenever the legendary Ringo Starr makes a record, there’s always a little help from his superstar friends like producer Arif Mardin (Aretha Franklin, The Rascals), along with musicians the caliber of King Crimson bassist Tony Levin, the late great Luther Vandross, Bette Midler, David Bromberg, Melissa Manchester and David Foster.

More classics are included like the dancefloor rocker “Can She Do It Like She Dances” and a powerful version of Allen Toussaints’ “Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley”, both making this another great album from this legendary rock giant.

“Ringo The 4th” has been out of print for many years…..that is until now!

Friday Music is no stranger to releasing the works of Ringo Starr here, therefore we are very pleased to announce the first time a 180 Gram audiophile vinyl release of the Ringo Starr classic “Ringo The 4th.”

Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA, this amazing album will also be manufactured for a very limited time on first time 180 Gram Audiophile Translucent Gold Vinyl!

To further enhance your Sir Richard Starkey listening experience,this super limited edition audiophile album will also be housed in a first time gatefold cover which also includes rare photos and lyrics not seen in years.

At least some of the gold editions also included a poster. The new translucent orange and blue editions will also be pressed on 180 Gram audiophile vinyl and housed in this gatefold cover.

The gatefold looks like the inner bag of the original 1977 release, with one side containing information and the other a photo of Ringo with his collaborator at the time, Vini Poncia.

Another Beatle-related Record Store Day release for April 23 is a 12″-single from Dark Horse Records, featuring Shankar Family & Friends: “I am missing you” b/w “Lust”. This was the first ever single released on George Harrison’s Dark Horse Records in 1974. This new pressing is on blue vinyl. George Harrison produced the songs and is depicted on the cover.

“I Am Missing You” is a song by Indian musician Ravi Shankar, sung by his sister-in-law Lakshmi Shankar and released as the lead single from his 1974 album “Shankar Family & Friends”. The song is a rare Shankar composition in the Western pop genre, with English lyrics, and was written as a love song to the Hindu god Krishna.

The recording was produced and arranged by George Harrison, in a style similar to Phil Spector’s signature sound, and it was the first single issued on Harrison’s Dark Horse record label. Other contributing musicians include Tom Scott, Nicky Hopkins, Billy Preston, Ringo Starr and Jim Keltner.

Illustration: RSD

The Shankar Family & Friends LP is due out in a Mobile Fidelity edition later this year.

A Paul McCartney release is also due for release on Record Store Day, it’s a 12″ single containing “Women and Wives” from his “McCartney III” album and the same song on side B in the St Vincent remix found on the reimagined version of the album. No picture of that sleeve revealed at the moment.

Friday Music
Red Ringo the 4th
Gold Ringo the 4th

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  1. reechie says:

    So they want me to spend forty bucks on an album I didn’t buy when it was a two dollar cutout?

  2. dpannell666 says:

    I love their description of Ringo the 4th: “Often considered one of his coolest works of the late seventies”. If you read that carefully and consider what the competition was (there was only this and Bad Boy), it’s not even a lie. Unfortunately, the rest of that sentence contains two outright falsehoods (“one of the Ringo Starr’s most loved ventures and one of the finer rock recordings of 1977”). Hmmm. https://digitaldreamdoor.com/pages/albums_by_year/albums_1977.html

  3. Blakey says:

    I was hoping for a remastered or half speed vinyl reissue of 1973’s ‘Ringo’. And where are London Town and Back To The Egg?

    • Mike says:

      I seriously doubt the rights to put out “Ringo” are owned by the same people who have the rights to put out “Ringo the 4th”……and DEFINITELY they don’t own the rights to put out “London Town” or “Back To The Egg”. “Ringo” was on Apple. This album is post-Apple and we already know Mr. Starkey definitely made some bad deals during that time.

  4. Mike says:

    How embarrassing that they try to hype this album up as “beloved” and as “one of his coolest albums”. In a way they’re right because it sure wasn’t a hot album. The cover is so bad, he looks like a deer caught in the headlights.

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