The Beatles in Italy – new book

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  1. Tony Littman says:

    Hey, Rog – I keep getting this from my McAfee, since yesterday:
    We tested this page and blocked content coming from potentially dangerous or risky sites. Allow this content only if you’re sure it comes from safe sites.

    • admin says:

      Okay, well I haven’t found anything malicious here, myself. We do get spam comments which probably contain links to potentially dangerous or risky sites, but I normally weed them out and disallow them.

  2. Blakey says:

    Looks interesting. I still have my ‘Beatles in Italy’ cassette.

    Wonder if the boys met Sophia Loren?

    • Datar says:

      Sophia Loren is on the cover of Sgt Pepper next to Sonny Liston on the far left, however her photo is obscured by the wax statues of the Beatles

  3. Matthias says:

    Awful cover

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