The Lost Weekend: A Love Story Blu-ray

October 13 sees the home entertainment release of May Pang’s story, “The Lost Weekend – A Love Story”, a documentary which we have talked about here earlier. Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, in association with Briarcliff Entertainment are releasing this not only as a physical blu-ray disc, but also in a number of digital download or streaming services.

Description: A true tale that took 50 years to tell, “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story” follows John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s personal assistant, May Pang as she recounts her 18-month relationship with John—a relationship orchestrated by Yoko herself.

During this extraordinary period, May helped John reunite with his son Julian and participated firsthand in his most productive period post-Beatles in which he released albums like “Mind Games”, “Walls and Bridges”, and collaborated with powerhouses like David Bowie and Elton John. Featuring moments with Julian Lennon, Mick Jagger, Alice Cooper, and Paul McCartney, May chronicles it all from her unique perspective as a 22-year-old experiencing her first unforgettable love.

We have had the opportunity to see the film, and thought it was well made and were surprised both that they had unearthed so much archival material, not only in photos and live film, but also that they had obtained clips from TV performances which has not been shown before. It is, among other things, film clips that were recorded in connection with the French program “Un jour future” and the British “Old Grey Whistle Test”, both from 1975 – while John and May were still a couple. Also that they could have used so much music from John himself, both “Imagine”, “Whatever Gets You Through The Night”, “# 9 Dream” and a home demo from cassette.

There are many who have opened their archives with archivists such as Erik Taros and Ron Furmanek, and they have got Chip Madinger to take care of the chronology. All very respected among us who follow extra closely when it comes to John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Very happy that May Pang now got this chance to tell her story also to those who have not read the books and interviews with her. May has the narrator’s voice in the film, both in the present and in the form of TV interviews with her when she was younger. Julian Lennon also joins and supports May, and we also hear his song “Saltwater” in the film.
So far, the release is announced for the U.S.A. market. You may support this blog by ordering from our link to


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  1. Reed P says:

    I read her book “Loving John” and she really painted Yoko to me a manipulative, over bearing cow who she said convinced John to leave the Beatles. Should be good.

  2. Krist Delgado says:

    Wow!!! This gonna be a very good complement for those past documentaries, specially “LENNONYC”.

  3. I was hoping her Lost Weekend book might get reprinted to coincide with this.

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