The Frost Tapes

Wilfred Frost, son of the late TV and radio personality David Frost has made a series of podcasts of his dad’s interviews. One of the episodes in the second season, “The Entertainers” is themed to interviews with the various members of The Beatles. David Frost interviewed members of the Beatles all through their career as well as afterwards. His last interview with Paul McCartney “Still prancing”, was when Frost was employed by Al Jazeera in 2012, and Frost passed away the year after.

The “Frost Tapes” series has been made available through BBC Sounds, but unfortunately that’s limited to certain countries. However, the series is syndicated to other podcast distributors, like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Check it out if you can!

David Frost with George and John.

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  1. Rick says:

    Why not put out a DVD of the interviews?

    • Mr. Jones says:

      Exactly! Or at least streaming….some very interesting clips some of us have seen are around. David Frost seemed to ask more introspective questions than many people at the time.

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