Tour trouble for Ringo

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  1. Mike says:

    Can you imagine being Ringo or the Rolling Stones or the Who…’re at the end of a lifetime performing for huge audiences….only to look out and see a lot of people wearing surgical masks?! Must be eerie. Like “All That Jazz”! I don’ t know what these bands are thinking; they must need the money bad.

  2. Mike says:

    …..and is Ringo wearing a rug on his head now?

  3. Tony Littman says:

    Thinking about “peace and love” for a minute every year is of course preferable to focussing on negative thoughts. However, it doesn’t achieve anything. Now, if Ringo were to encourage everyone to mark his birthday by donating money to the Red Cross, or UNICEF, for example, some actual good could come out of it.

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