Two new Beatles books from New Haven Publishing

The Essential Beatles Book by Paul Charles

There’s a couple of upcoming books from New Haven Publishing, which seem to appeal to the casual reader or the newbie Beatles fan.

Here is the publisher’s descriptions:

On March 22nd 1963 the album “Please Please Me” by The Beatles was released and a worldwide, multi-cultured phenomenon exploded with Beatlemania. This landmark long-player was created by four street-wise lads from Liverpool; one classy producer and one publicity savvy manager. The album was only the first in a long line of record-breaking hits from this incredible collaboration, a collaboration responsible for completely re-writing the music-business rule book. The Beatles, George Martin and Brian Epstein were destined to become the most successful entity in the history of the entertainment business. During those ten years they broke every performance and sales record in the book.

Most noticeably was in March 1964 when the top five singles in American where Billboard’s top hundred sales chart were:

No 1. Twist and Shout
No 2. Can’t Buy Me Love
No 3. She Loves You
No 4. I Want To Hold Your Hand
No 5. Please Please Me

In addition to those five singles (four of which were original Lennon & McCartney songs) they also had singles at Nos 16; 44; 49; 69; 78; 84 and 88. This is a never-bettered feat. No other artist has even come close.

Now nearly 60 years later The Beatles still remain the most recognisable group on the planet. In this fact-packed book, musicologist Paul Charles examines only the years The Beatles were writing, recording, performing and making movies together. Using their singles, albums, live appearances and films, as signposts, he examines the songs, the records, their colleagues and stories behind the official releases and of their decade long career as a group. He also endeavours to explain the mystery and magic of the Beatles art and their unique artistic and commercial success.

Originally from Ireland, Paul Charles has been working in the music business since he was 15, as a manager, agent, promoter, publicist, journalist and lyricist. In The Essential Beatles Book he celebrates a truly unique career that produced certainly three, perhaps even four, of the best albums ever released.

ISBN: 9781912587568
Number of pages: 200

Acting Naturally by Rory Hoy

The Beatles: Acting Naturally by Rory Hoy
Here is a different take of The Beatles story, which includes the more obscure, rare and unseen appearances and references worldwide, through the wonderful art of film, television and video; some of which will make you gasp in disbelief! It’s full of unfinished projects and little known facts: did you know that The Quarrymen (the proto-Beatles) apparently appeared in a Liverpool City Police Recruitment Film in 1958, or that The Beatles had a film release before “A Hard Day’s Night” that only came out in Australia? Also featuring the many projects The Beatles turned down, such as ‘The Yellow Teddy Bears’ AKA ‘The Gutter Girls’ and the weird and wonderful shelved projects such as Joe Orton’s ‘Up Against It’ and McCartney’s sci-fi movies of the 1970s. McCartney did however make experimental films, George did sing with Carole King on a novelty record, Ringo did duet with Carrie Fisher, and John and his wife Yoko did make “Did Britain Murder Hanratty?

It all goes to show that The Beatles were never idle during their time together and as solo artists. In this book, we will look at the history of the lesser-known films and TV shows that are associated with The Beatles, as well as their well-known canonical movies, such as the fictionalised documentary of “A Hard Days Night”, to the animated masterpiece of “Yellow Submarine”; to documentaries about them, biopics, parodies, and other projects that involved the Fab Four in some capacity. The Beatles didn’t just revolutionise pop music, they revolutionised pop culture as a whole!
ISBN: 9781912587605
Number of pages: 300

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