Restored silly love songs

As Beatles- and solo video enthusiasts, we are delighted by the recent developments on YouTube, where skilled amateurs are constantly working to improve the quality of Beatles and related material, making them available for the general public.

The latest endeavour we have made notice of, is the Paul McCartney fan MusicLounge‘s “release” of the “Silly Love Songs” promo film or music video by Wings, taken from a 16mm print and digitally transferred in 4K.

If you are a collector of Beatles- and solo film and videos, you may remember how disappointed we all were when Paul McCartney’s 2007 music video collection “McCartney Years” missed out on a lot of videos, and what was left consisted of fake widescreen versions of the originals, which cropped off tops and bottoms of the full picture.

Having purchased a 16mm print of the film (for about 300€), had it professionally transferred to digital by a film lab, and gotten rid of artifacts like lots of blue tints in the upper left corner, the film was uploaded and premiered on YouTube yesterday. Like it says in the description: “This is the first time you are going to see ‘Silly Love Songs’ completely uncropped and I really doubt that MPL will ever do a official 4K version of this video.”

One can only hope that the powers that be leave these efforts alone, as they surely also promote the official products. Above is the new transfer of the uncropped 16mm original promo film, below is Paul McCartney’s official version of the same video.

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  1. zp78 says:

    I sure hope this was left alone (not bootlegged or removed). Great efforts by the uploader, which I kind of wish all the promotional films can be transferred like this. Since he didn’t monetized the video there could be a chance that the video can be left alone… then again. I sure hope the people at MPL will rethink of re-releasing the promos in their original format!

    • Kilian McCartney says:

      (I’m MusicLounge) Thank you so much! I really hope MPL sees this and starts putting more effort into their remasters πŸ™‚

  2. Shad Radna says:

    To be fair, the official video above isn’t significantly cropped – possibly a little to remove the film corners. It has the original audio transfer though.

    • Kilian McCartney says:

      Hi I’m MusicLounge. I replaced the audio with the one remixed PCM one from the McCartney Years since it is the exact same song without any changes but it is in a way better quality. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»

  3. Andrew Walker says:

    Just spotted this, a 4cd compilation of 80s 12″ mixes which includes Say, Say, Say and a wide variety of other artists (site is for Queen who have A Kind Of Magic on the set). Has this come out digitally before?


    • Shad Radna says:

      Thanks for the heads up, Andrew. I bought the first set; it looks like I’ll be getting the second too.

  4. Andrew Walker says:

    PS This is the first compilation by the same people, no beatles related but I want to get it!

  5. Blakey says:

    May I just say,while I love the Silly Love Songs video, Paul’s new ‘deepfake’ video with Beck for ‘Find My Way’ absolutely stinks. Obviously not him, eyes go in different directions like one of those goggled eyed car ornaments, the moptop is blatantly a very bad wig, and the Timberlake/Bieber style ‘dancing’ is ridiculous. A Beatle resorting to such tacky stunts is almost vulgar. It’s a stain on the great man’s legacy and it’s really terrible. I just hope that John and George won’t be ‘deepfaked/de-aged’ in the same dreadful and tasteless way. Just say no, Yoko and Olivia.

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