A Hard Day’s Night – US box view

A crate of hard days and nights

It seems copyright (as has been speculated) was not the reason why the familiar “A Hard Day’s Night” portraits weren’t used on the cover of the remastered film, as they are present on the top of the box. Seen here before shipping. Here it is, zoomed in:

Close up of three boxed sets
The inner disc holder slides out
The inner disc holder
Open it and you see the discs, 2 DVDs 1 Blu-ray
Back and front of disc holder

Here’s a comparison of the various front covers used so far:

Germany, Special Edition (1 Blu-ray, 3 DVDs)
Germany, Blu-ray
USA Dual format edition
UK, Blu-ray.

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  1. Unknown says:

    The German is my favourite – owing much to one of the original film posters. Probably better in B & W however…

  2. George Armstrong says:

    I agree, DirectorDonP. The German Blu-ray cover is the best, but the photos could do without the shading. After all, it is a B&W film! The text/font from the original 1964 movie posters is a plus.

  3. Unknown says:

    No way. The US cover is by far the nicest of the whole bunch. Sure I understand wanting the original movie poster used as the cover as that would make sense, but we've seen it a million times. dvd covers are not the same as album covers, the artists, directors actors etc, are usually not involved in the creation of the movie poster/ dvd cover so I don't mind if Criterion or whoever try to experiment creatively with the cover. It's not like they colorized the film or anything. And I still think the new cover is a nice piece of pop art, and certainly better then the other alternatives by a mile.

  4. S e as garotas que erraram says:

    Hey Roger, any news about containing portuguese (BR) subtitles on any of these releases? I'm about to import, but I'm afraid on buying and receiving a product without these subtitles..


  5. wogew says:

    No news about a version with subtitles, except for the German one yet. I remember that the 2000 version was made available with Norwegian subtitles around 2002-2003, but it was just sneaked out and was never advertised, And it had different artwork, as it featured the original US poster on the cover, just like this German one.

  6. Neil Cumming says:

    Well, who says pester power doesn't work… the AHDN UK blu ray/DVD design has now been changed, and to something much more lovely I think. Thank you Second Sight.


  7. Unknown says:

    Yes Neil. The revised UK is now my favourite…it conveys the feel, and remains faithful to a 60s style while looking 'fresh'…:)

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