A tribute from Volkswagen

New VW ad.

Seems it’s not only the Beatles, Apple, Universal and radio stations who are celebrating 50 years since the Abbey Road album, now Volkswagen have joined in!

The Swedish branch of the Volkswagen company have produced an ad featuring the Abbey Road scene of 2019, with a correctly parked white VW Beetle. You may recall that in the original Abbey Road cover, the Beetle was parked partly on the pavement.

The original VW Beetle.

The ad is to promote Volkswagen’s new park assist system, which detects vacant spaces large enough for your vehicle, and automatically manouvres your car into that space – parallell parking made easy.

Volkswagen Sweden have also produced a limited number of empty album covers with this new image, which they are selling for SEK 179 plus SEK 50 for worldwide postage. All the money go to Bris – a children’s rights organisation.

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  1. LonglivetheBeatles says:

    Cool cover , I'm just wondering if the back of the LP jacket is the same as the original issue ?

  2. bob katz says:

    It states that it is the Abbey Road scene of 2019. It's obviously not a picture of the current crossing.

  3. pedro4 says:

    Join The strike for the climate : don t support the car industry !!!

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