Amazing discovery

This is “Kansas City” from an acetate recorded at the Cavern Club in 1962. Little survives from the Beatles’ days at the Cavern apart from photos and paper memorabilia, so far we have only had the recording and film of “Some Other Guy”, and a short excerpt of “Kansas City” with voices talking over it on the Anthology DVD-box, so to be able to finally hear the entire Kansas City is sensational! But here it is, from Dailymotion:

The Beatles at The Cavern Club 1962 – Kansas City

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  1. winston o´boogie says:

    AMAZING indeed! I never thought that I would be able to listen to this version in it's full lenght. Thanx a lot !

  2. Michael Hockinson says:

    A joyous addition to the canon – it sounds like the Cavern audience is singing along on the hey, hey, hey, hey's, no?

    A YouTube friendly version here:

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi – I made a FLAC file of the audio track and cleaned it up a bit.
    Get it here
    Groovy, huh?

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