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“To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the original Beatles Anthology project comes The Beatles Anthology Revisited, an 18-episode, 28-hour long audio documentary podcast presenting the Beatles’ story in the Beatles’ own words.

John, Paul, George, and Ringo, are joined by George Martin, Brian Epstein, Neil Aspinall, Mal Evans, Pete Best, and Derek Taylor in the retelling of the history of the Beatles, from its beginnings during the bandmates’ childhoods in World War II, up until the present day, most recently when Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr performed together at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2015.

At more than twice the running time, hear all the dirty details left out of the original Anthology. Discover the inspiration behind virtually every original song the Beatles ever released.Listen as the story is told beyond the breakup, exploring the Beatles’ history through the 1970s and after.

Every tour, every album, every film, and every hit single is recounted in painstaking detail by John, Paul, George, and Ringo and their inner entourage. The Beatles Anthology Revisited is the Beatles’ Anthology like you’ve never heard it before.​”


The series is also available to download as individual podcasts at iTunes for free.

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  1. whateverdose says:

    Thanks for this- I follow updates on a handful of Beatle blogs and yours is the only one that's mentioned this so far.

  2. db says:

    These are really well made, and much new material to me.

  3. IgnacioEsteban says:

    Gracias, excelente blog, Felicidades hoy y siempre junto a tus seres amados.

  4. IgnacioEsteban says:

    Gracias, excelente blog, Felicidades hoy y siempre junto a tus seres amados.

  5. Unknown says:

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  6. Unknown says:

    The best FREE Xmas gift I've had, and I'm sure the same for many others too. The definitive documentary on how it happened, why it ended, and what happened afterwards, in their own words. Anthology well revisited and brilliantly polished off.

  7. ed manning says:

    An excellent podcast (the 3 episodes that I've listened to so far anyway). But the question that keeps coming back to me is, who put this amazing piece of work together? One of life's great mysteries I guess.

  8. James Talada says:

    It sucks. Not the podcast, but the fact I can't download it from iTunes. I was really looking forward to this one. 🙁

    Every time I search it, iTunes doesn't give me anything.

  9. Unknown says:

    Just go to the podbean website given above and download it from there

  10. Unknown says:

    Just go to the podbean website given above and download it from there

  11. Westfield says:

    Absolutely terrific. I love the inclusion of the Lennon David Sheff audio.

  12. jeffhorneweb says:

    It appears that it is now gone. I should have downloaded it when it was.

  13. bri286 says:

    The podcasts do indeed appear to have disappeared – can anyone help us to find them elsewhere?

  14. jeffhorneweb says:

    I did find it elsewhere.

  15. Terence Daniel Collier says:

    this might help if you wanna download them

  16. bri286 says:

    Thanks a million, chaps – downloading from Steve Hoffman's blog right now!

  17. Unknown says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Unknown says:

    Many thanks….I'm halfway thru Tune In, so this is going hand in hand with that. Lots of stuff I hadn't known/heard before.


  19. Mikko Suhonen says:

    Could not find it anymore. Has this podcast been taken out (due to copyright reasons, no doubt)?

  20. bri286 says:

    Yes, it does seem that the podcasts have, sadly, been pulled from all official channels. But you can find them (both to stream and to download) if you follow the links mentioned above… Every serious Beatle fan should have all 28 hours' worth!

  21. The Serial Pest says:

    This looks about as comprehensive as it gets. Perhaps the best audio companion to Lewisohn's books. I've yet to hear any of it and already this has me excited!

  22. Unknown says:

    Podcast addict also had it. It just appeared without any promotion or details. Epic

  23. 42N says:

    I found the AR series through the links that you provided in the comment section before the 7 day post ended. Thank you.

    What a treasure these are especially listening to more recent interviews about moments in their history. A herculean effort to assemble AR and a grateful thank you to the audio production person(s.)

  24. Unknown says:

    I wonder if it was taken down as part of a cease and desist. I have to imagine that's why it has disappeared from everywhere all at once so uniformly?? Glad I got them while they were available and burned the files to disc. Moving into 1965 and loving every moment. Plan to re-listen right away upon completion. Incredible professional production, with die-hard obsessive fan detail (like the original Anthology project could've/should've done.)

  25. Isko says:

    Really enjoying the podcast series and have only 3 left to listen to. It spends a lot of time on Let It Be, most likely because there's so much there. Must have taken great efforts to assemble everything, and I can't even find anything major that's been omitted as yet. Some parts repeat which is odd, but I'm not complaining.

  26. Unknown says:

    Can't download anything….

  27. Titenhurst says:

    It is there, check page 15 on SH blog.

  28. Titenhurst says:

    God it's good, so good, the best thing since… since never…It is the best thing ever!

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