Azena promo post card

This is a promotional post card from 1963, identical to the one that Lennon used to scribble down the set list for the Azena ballroom gig on the 12th of February, 1963. Since my blog post about that set list, controversy has sneaked in, as commented by Peter Checksfield: Why is “From Me To You” on the list, a full two weeks before it was supposed to have been composed? Legend has it that the song was composed on the Shapiro tour bus en route to Shrewsbury, a town that wasn’t visited until February 28th. This song may now have to be dated earlier. And IF they played it live on the 12th, why didn’t they attempt to record it on the 11th? Maybe it’s a work-in-progress version and one that needed to be refined. Anyway, IF this set list is what it says it is, Lennon and McCartney must have composed that song on the earlier stint at the Shapiro tour (between the 2nd and the 9th of February), between two other gigs.

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