B-Day for Beatles

I just had to write a blog post for today, since it’s that day – 090909, even though I don’t have much to blog about.
Anyway, I went to my local supplier, Big Dipper Records in Oslo to get my fix for the day. – one of each of the boxes! “Sorry, we’re sold out” was the reply. “But I pre-ordered, I sent you an email…” “Oh, okay. Then we’ve got them!” He checked that my name was on a list and then he went into the storage room and returned with one white and one big black box. “So, how many did you have?” I asked. “We had 15 stereo boxes and 30 mono ones. I initially ordered about three times as many, but EMI Norway got too many orders and had to reduce the amounts they sent to each store. I’ve been calling my other suppliers across Europe to get some extra, but they were all sold out. Seems like someone has underestimated the market.” I was puzzled. So I asked him how many of the boxes he had that was already pre-ordered before the store opened, and he said that all the stereo ones were sold beforehand. And what was left of the mono boxes sold in the early hours after the shop opened at 9 in the morning.

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  1. Vunderground says:

    Please, please let them have the sense, and commercial nous, to issue all the mono ones individually

  2. Anonymous says:

    Of the 4 Best Buy's I called in the Chicago area, all were sold out of all the Stereo and Mono box sets in an hour.

  3. Juan Pablo says:

    Hey. There is a secret concert going on today 09/09/09 in manhattan, its supposed to be epic!
    Goto facebook.com/pages/NYC090909/103393038559?ref=ts and check out the clues they posted. Also, become a fan of the page and they will be sending out more info on the exact location and concert time

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