Beatle Week 2012 brochure available

The Beatle Week in Liverpool, is THE annual event for Beatles fans here in Europe, with bands from over 20 countries and fans from over 40. As well as live gigs, there are exhibitions, memorabilia sales, guest speakers, video shows, sightseeing tours and a convention. Festival venues have included the Cavern Club and Cavern Pub in Mathew Street, the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool Cathedral and the Philharmonic Hall. One of the most popular events is the Beatles memorabilia auction at LIPA.

This year’s brochure has now been made available, and can be downloaded from here (PDF). Read updates on the Cavern Club site.

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  1. Michael Hockinson says:

    Roger, any idea where those great pictures on the front cover were taken? The boys look like they just popped over to Albert Marrion's studio after changing a tire. Also, I'm getting a "404-Task Not Found" message when I try to download the brochure PDF. Can you re-up? Thanks!

  2. Perut says:

    Link off. Tem como repostar? Valeu.

  3. wogew says:

    The original came down, but I have uploaded a copy and redone the link, so try downloading again!

  4. wogew says:

    Spiderjeru, these appear to be drawings, but obviously based on photos.

  5. VictoriaCavern says:

    Hi Roger, You have an outdated front page on your blog site.Sadly Davey JOnes is not appearing this year. Please use the brochure that is now live on our site
    We hope to see you at BW12.

    Cavern Club

  6. daddyandholly says:

    Hi Roger, Are The Overtures appearing this year…and if so do you know what night…?

  7. phil overture says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. phil overture says:

    Pretty sure we'll be there but still negotiating when and where.
    Phil from The Overtures

  9. daddyandholly says:

    Thanks Phil. I'll keep an eye out for it…! See you at Stevenage in the meantime..!

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