Beatles at the BBC for 2010

Due to the surfacing of some new and some upgrades of the recordings The Beatles did for the BBC in 1962-1965, the old Beatles at the Beeb catalogue has gotten a facelift. It is being re-released in full, and is starting to appear as individual releases, packaged as bundled flac and cue files on the internet, together with artwork for those who still like to store physical media on their shelves.

 The releases is the undertaking of a single collector, who has done improvements to the material in the following fashion:

  • new and better versions of quite a number of songs were broadcast by the BBC last year and has been included, 
  • some vinyl-only bootlegs have been found to contain material in better quality than previous CD releases, 
  • audio equipment for the home computer has improved and has been put to good use in ‘cleaning up’ the sound quality. 

The standard catalogue for the Beatles BBC recordings has for the past few years been Purple Chick‘s The Complete BBC Sessions (upgraded for 2004), and this new set is called Unsurpassed Broadcasts. The first two volumes released thus far have been Vol. 2 and 3. They have been distributed freely on the internet, and if you have connections, I’m sure you will be able to find them. Here’s the tracklists for the first released volumes:

Unsurpassed Broadcasts Vol. 2

Swinging Sound ’63 recorded 18th April 1963 / txd live

1. Twist And Shout

2. From Me To You

Side By Side recorded 1st April 1963 / txd 22nd April 1963

3. Side By Side Theme (partial)

4. Chat / Do You Want To Know A Secret? (fragment)

Side By Side recorded 1st April 1963 / txd 13th May 1963

5. Chat

6. Long Tall Sally

7. Chat

8. A Taste Of Honey

9. Chains

10. Chat

11. Thank You Girl

12. Chat

13. Boys

Side By Side recorded 4th April 1963 / txd 24th June 1963

14. Side By Side Theme

15. Announcer

16. Too Much Monkey Business


18. Boys

19. Chat

20. I’ll Be On Way

21. From Me To You

Saturday Club recorded 21st May 1963 / txd 25th May 1963

22. Announcer

23. I Saw Her Standing There

24. Chat

25. Do You Want To Know A Secret?

26. Boys


28. Long Tall Sally

29. Chat

30. From Me To You

31. Money

Steppin’ Out recorded 21st May 1963 / txd 3rd June 1963

32. Please Please Me

33. I Saw Her Standing There

Pop Go The Beatles (1) recorded 24th May 1963 / txd 4th June 1963

34. Announcer

35. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby


37. Do You Want To Know A Secret?

38. Announcer

39. You Really ot A Hold On Me

40. Misery

41. Chat

42. The Hippy Hippy Shake

Unsurpassed Broadcasts Vol. 3


Pop Go The Beatles (2) recorded 1st June 1963 / txd 11th June 1963

1. Too Much Monkey Business

2. Chat

3. I Got To Find My Baby

4. Announcer

5. Young Blood

6. Announcer

7. Till There Was You

8. Chat

9. Baby It’s You

10. Announcer

11. Love Me Do

12. Pop Go The Beatles (long theme)

Pop Go The Beatles (3) recorded 1st June 1963 / txd 18th June 1963

13. Pop Go The Beatles (short theme)

14. Announcer

15. A Shot Of Rythm And Blues

16. Chat

17. Memphis Tennessee

18. Chat

19. A Taste Of Honey

20. Announcer

21. Sure To Fall

22. Announcer

23. Money

24. Chat

25. From Me To You

Easy Beat recorded 19th June 1963 / txd 23rd June 1963

26. Some Other Guy

27. Chat

28. A Taste Of Honey

29. Thank You Girl

30. Announcer

31. From Me To You

Pop Go The Beatles recorded 17th June 1963 / txd 25th June 1963

32. I Saw Her Standing There

33. Announcer

34. Anna

35. Chat

36. Chat

37. Boys

38. Chat

39. Chains

40. Chat

41. P.S. I Love You

42. Chat

43. Twist And Shout

44. Announcer

45. Pop Go The Beatles (long theme)

Saturday Club recorded 24th June 1963 / txd 29th June 1963

46. I Got To Find My Baby

47. Chat

48. Memphis Tennessee

49. Money P

50. Till There Was You

51. Chat

52. From Me To You

53. Roll Over Beethoven

The Beat Show recorded 3rd July 1963 / txd 4th July 1963

54. A Taste Of Honey

55. Twist And Shout

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  1. Keir says:

    Covers look more suited for some dodgy bootleg one find at a car boot sale than an officially-sanctioned product by the BBC…

  2. wogew says:

    Well, maybe because these are not officially sanctioned product by the BBC?

  3. markjones1970 says:

    All that work that's been put in to make these and all you can do is moan about the covers? Get a grip!

  4. Alan James says:

    Where I can find them?

  5. BRAINWASHED says:

    Please, Please Wogew, where can we found This. I can´t pay a money torrent!!!

  6. ennolenno says:

    This is a message to "Red Rooster" Wogew: "I'd like to say 'thank you' on behalf of all other Beatles-followers and myself, and I'm sure you pleased the audience!"

    And this is a message to all fellows asking where to find them: "Find them in Northern Europe!"

    Greetings from Germany…

  7. Urchinn says:

    Wait a sec, I can't find this at the "usual places." Does anybody know which site offers this torrent? Or is it imaginary like the fancy Magical Mystery Tour multi-disc set?

  8. ennolenno says:

    Ok Urchinn, I'll make it easy for you: "To find them there's neither place nor way!"

    Greetings from Germany…

  9. Urchinn says:

    Geez, Ennolenno…thanks for the hint but I don't get it!!! I only know of one site nor way….but it ain't there.

  10. ennolenno says:

    Hey Urchinn,

    next week I'll go for a walk through a Norwegian wood and I hopefully find a forum there to help me improve my Norwegian language…

    Greetings from Germany…

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