Beatles museum established in Hungary

The Beatles are alive and well in Hungary!

Egri Road Beatles Museum has been established in Hotel Korona, in the heart of the historic town of Eger. The name “Egri Road” is pronounced close enough to “Abbey Road” and means “From Eger” in Hungarian. The exhibition displays the Beatles memorabilia of Gabor Peterdi and Gabor Molnar and is a fun place to be!

Guests can get a glimpse of the life and career of the band and its members in the frames of a professional guided tour, which provides an experience supported by up-to-date technical solutions.   Contemporary newsreels are played on screens and the songs of the band can be listened to through headphones, whereas contemporary media publications, garments, models and limited edition rarities are displayed in the showcases.

Various games and photo-taking activities take the visitors back to the legendary sixties.

Beatles museums are currently located in Liverpool, Halle, Alkmaar and Buenos Aires – within its resources, the collection aims to be a partner of these institutions.

Egri Road Beatles Museum’s Official Band is ‘The Blackbirds

Official site of the museum:

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