Beatles promoter Sam Leach dies

Roger Stormo and Sam Leach, 2008.

Sam Leach, a well known name in Liverpool’s early Beatles history died last night in the arms of two of his children, following a brief hospitalisation. Sam’s daughter Samantha posted this on Facebook today:

Our dad passed away this morning peacefully in the arms of my sister and brother. Although we knew he wasn’t well it’s still left us shocked and truely deverstated as we didn’t think it would happen so fast. He is such a legend as you all know a true warrior, dads words “Never give up and never give in” ….and he never did. Sleep tight dad. Samantha xxx

Sam was a promoter of dances and concerts in and around Liverpool in the early sixties. A champion of The Beatles, booking them for many of his events, Sam wanted to become their manager at one point. He attempted to introduce The Beatles to London agents by promoting shows at The Palais Ballroom in Aldershot on 9 December 1961. The show was not advertised properly and, as a result, only 18 people attended. The local newspaper, The Aldershot News, failed to publish Sam Leach’s advertisement for the show. Weeks after this Brian Epstein became the group’s manager.

Paul McCartney with Sam Leach

Sam remained friendly with the Beatles after they had left Liverpool, and published the pictorial “Beatles on Broadway” in many countries around the world in 1964.

Norwegian edition of Sam’s picture magazine from 1964

Paul McCartney used to invite Sam backstage whenever he returned to give concerts in the hometown. Sam wrote a book about his days as a maverick dance promoter, “The Rocking City“, and he used to sell photos from his Beatles days from a table in The Grapes, a pub opposite the Cavern Club in Mathew Street. Sam also attended Beatles conventions in other countries.

This year, a documentary film about Sam Leach, The Sixth Beatle premiered at the Toronto international film festival, with Sam in attendance. Sam was 81 when he passed away. Rest in peace.

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  1. Unknown says:

    RIP Sam Leach a good friend who inspired me to greatness. Condolonces to the family from Vinny and Melaia Australia

  2. James Percival says:

    Allan Williams is reported to have died. 2016 continues its toll.

  3. LukeSteele says:

    RIP Sam and condolences to your family. Lu Ruello

  4. nosibor says:

    I knew Sammy he was very kind to me and my dad.
    He met us in boilermaker IL while promoting American English
    My name is Stephen Robinson Jr
    God has a new promoter in heaven😇

  5. Unknown says:

    My wife Billie and I met Sam at The Grape. We purchased his book and DVD. And he was gracious enough to sign both. We were
    privileged and honored to spend about 4 hours sitting at the table with Sam. He loved telling us stories of his life experiences . And we had a few drinks and a lot of laughs. He told Billie how she made his night with her smile.
    We are returning to Liverpool on March 16 thru the 18 th. at the Hard Days Night Hotel. We looked Sam up on Google hoping to say hi again. We are saddened to hear we are too late to see him again. God bless and welcome him in heaven. Sam , we will see you again.
    Billie and Joe Butkiewicz Phoenix , Arizona , USA

  6. Unknown says:

    We Met Sam Several times at Nikos In Bridgeview, Il when he was promoting American English. My daughter and I just Loved him. He managed to get us in to meet Pete Best and we got pictures with Pete and Sam. He was a Wonderful man to be around. We are going to miss him terribly. By the way, Where was he buried? We send are prayers to his family and friends. For one day you will be taking a Stroll around Heaven with him.
    Our Condolences, Betty and Candy G.

  7. jeff_pelkmans says:

    If someone knows where he's buried and how to find his grave, please let me know on jeff_pelkmans[at]
    Same for Allan Williams.
    Thanks. Beatles Forever.

  8. Unknown says:

    I knew SAm from the day I started work at Silcocks the animal food suppliers, in their office close to the Liverpool Stadium. SAm was already working at Silcocks. Sam was a pretty good footballer and was offered a trial for Liverpool and turned it down. At least that is what Sam told me. We both played for Silcocks in a local league and Sammy played left wing, and laid a goal on for me on my debut(it went in the net off my knee!) This was 1957/8 and Sam had a vision of opening what he called 'The Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Club' in a cellar under the Liver buildings, but unfortunately the idea fell through because it turned out that the cellars would be prone to flooding when the tide came in. Subsequently, of course, SAm became a very influential promoter of groups on Merseyside and he deserves recognition as such. No better epitaph to a great Merseyside gentleman comes from Sir Paul McCartney himself….Macca said 'The best years in Liverpool were the Sammy Leach years' Enough said Steve Ellison.

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