Petition to add a disc to Flowers in the dirt

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  1. vagma says:

    The probability that this will result in an extra CD in the box set is zero.

  2. Andreas says:

    The probability that I am going to buy the set in the announced format is zero then, too.

  3. Dirceu says:

    Hey guys, check this open letter to MPL this great reissue blog has done. Along with the petition, we should tweet to Macca and make them hear us who make him richer.

  4. winston o´boogie says:

    I encourage this petition BUT I think that the sets are ready to put in stores by now, so an added CD is out of the question. It would be nice though.

  5. bx6095 says:

    This one (Club lovejoys mix) has different lyrics? – which part? – I'm not aware of this.

  6. Unknown says:

    Now appears as a five disc set in amazon!!

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