It’s my birthday today, but in Beatles history this is the birthday of one Stuart Sutcliffe, who used to be the Beatles’ bass guitarist back when they started their careers in show business. Stuart was the oldest Beatle back then, as he would have turned 70 today. As we all know, he didn’t even live to turn 22. Time to ponder: Would the world as we know it have been any different if Stuart had survived? There are a couple of well known portraits of Stuart in his artist’s loft at the Kirschherr house in Hamburg. John Lennon persuaded Astrid to take his photo at the same spot after Stuart’s death as a tribute to the deceased Beatle. Beatles historian Mark Lewisohn revisited the loft in 2006, and has kindly shared his photos on the Kenwood blog. Take a couple of minutes of your time and have a look.

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  1. Nicola says:

    Happy birthday fellow Beatles fan 🙂

  2. Beatlesblogger says:

    Yes – a happy birthday to you!

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