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A vendor in Brazil recently sold a copy of a DVD of “Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years” on Ebay. Here’s the description: “On offer here is an ultra rare Beatles demo DVD “Eight Days A Week” (Issued only for the edia, the menu contains 1) Eight Days A Week (compleat movie) 2) Eight Days A Week (official trailer) 3) Help! (Intertel clip colorized) 4) I Feel Fine (Intertel clip colorized) 5) Don’t Let Me Down, (rooftop 1969)”.

Photo of the back of the item

This raises a few questions, given that this is a legitimate item. In the film, the colourised “Help!” was not the Intertel promo, they colourised a Blackpool televised concert performance of the song. No colourised Intertel “I Feel Fine” in the film either. The description of the bonus items for the November DVD and Blu-ray release makes no mention of including these promos. The version of “Help!” in the bonus material is labeled as live in concert and is probably the Blackpool performance. The full “Don’t Let Me Down” rooftop performance was not in the film, it was segued into “I’ve Got A Feeling” (McCartney gave directions about exactly where the songs should segue into each other).

The ebay item was very reasonably priced.

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  1. Cliff says:

    Wouldn't this be a bootleg? The word concert is misspelled.

  2. Liverpool0561 says:

    Hope you are wrong as I've just bought a copy

  3. Mary says:

    Bootleg release

  4. Unknown says:

    Absolutely a bootleg. I wouldn't expect very good quality.

  5. Martin says:

    Surely the colourized Intertel promos would have been on '1+', with much coverage at the time?
    That's if they are authentic, of course…

  6. Unknown says:

    Total bootleg. I don't think anyone is going to announce that anything is colourized on the back cover. Obviously we know some material was, but that just struck me that would not happen on a legitimate release.

  7. Jojo24 says:

    The colora look a little off too

  8. BWSmythe says:

    No copyright info, poor spelling, colour-photocopy-like image… All together now… BOOTLEG 😉

  9. Martin says:

    Not unlike the counterfeit Beatles in Mono box sets that plagued the marketplace in 2009/10…. Glaring spelling mistakes (Harrison printed with only one 'r'), stereo mixes with no mono versions in sight etc. I recall some chancer from Belfast selling these mono box sets on ebay. Always be wary with box sets online. I got my genuine mono box from Amazon in Canada. I dare say they'll be a flood of 'Eight Days A Week' dud DVDs and counterfeit Pink Floyd Early Years and Stones in Mono box sets all over the place come Christmas time…

  10. RAJ says:

    The typo on the cover (Demostration) gives it away for me that it's a boot…

  11. July A.D. says:

    Has anyone actually ordered this and have it delivered?

  12. Unknown says:

    Yes, just got it. It's a horribly made bootleg! Printed DVD-R and laser cover. The footage is as described but the colourisation has left artifacts everywhere. The colourisation is still quite a good job (HIWAX maybe?), in fact it looks more natural than some of the stuff in the movie, but it's not a professional job.

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