Yellow LEGO Submarine

The LEGO Submarine

November 1, LEGO will release their own “Yellow Submarine” toy set, which includes the vessel and John, Paul, George and Ringo as mini figures. A figure of “Nowhere Man” Jeremy Hillary Boob is also included.

The box

The set includes more than 550 pieces. The completed sub measures 5 inches by 9 inches by 2 inches and comes with a display stand. There’s also a minifig display stand with a “Yellow Submarine” sign. Each figure comes with an accessory tied to the movie: John’s telescope, Paul’s “Love” tile, Ringo’s round “half a hole” tile, George’s submarine motor and Jeremy’s apple. Retail price is $59.99 / EUR 59,99 / GBP 49.99.


The LEGO set’s release comes just a few weeks after the 50th anniversary of the release of the single “Yellow Submarine”/”Eleanor Rigby”, although the design of the figures and the vessel is based on the 1968 cartoon feature film.

Kevin Szeto submitted his idea about a LEGO version of “Yellow Submarine” to the company, and here’s his motivation for creating the Yellow Submarine:

“As an amateur musician and songwriter, I have always been drawn to the music of The Beatles. The creation of the Yellow Submarine model was really my way of showing my affection for The Beatles, as well as trying to pay a small tribute to The Beatles phenomenon. The Yellow Submarine is bright, fun, and colourful, which also made it a good subject to translate into LEGO form”.

Justin Ramsden’s (LEGO designer) motivations were also very much centred around his love for the iconic band, as he was given the opportunity to refine Kevin’s initial model. “I watched the film when I was younger and was really inspired by how it oozed so much imagination – comparable to how I view LEGO elements. I’m also a massive fan of The Beatles, having grown up with their music all my life, so to see The Beatles in LEGO form is a dream come true.”

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  1. Martin says:

    No Lego Meanies? This will never do…

  2. rick says:

    Got mine in a display case. It was put together thanks to my son. He played with Legos when he was younger not me.

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