Eirik Wangberg’s biography

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  1. Unknown says:

    Either Macca's memory is off, or he's fabricating, but we know that McCartney came in April of '67, by himself (to meet with Jane Asher, who was touring the USA) and that's when he was to have met with Brian. (obviously he couldn't have done it before then, as he was recording "Pepper"….and since Pepper was released in the beginning of June, that doesn't exactly give a big wide window for Lennon to have jetted off to Los Angeles, undetected for all these years).

    Also, no mention of him playing "She's Leaving Home" (which is the song Brian Wilson remembers McCartney playing him).

    Even within his own story, it seems highly unlikely that Brian and McCartney would have gotten into "swapping songs", with John Lennon sitting on the sidelines, doing nothing…..Lennon could get irked by McCartney's piano playing and showboating, and I can't see him sitting through "Lovely Rita" solo piano, especially when he's got "A Day In The Life" in his back pocket.

    All these years, Derek Taylor and McCartney only mentioned "Vegetables", and all these years, Wilson has only mentioned "She's Leaving Home". Sorry, but I believe that memories are, at best, fuzzy. And we KNOW McCartney's not above rewriting history, or throwing in a mention of his old friend "John", lest we forget Paul's association with him!

    In all photographs from this trip, McCartney is alone. He's alone with Jack Cassady and Paul Kantner in the San Francisco picture that has surfaced, he's alone with Jane Asher in many photos.

    Obviously Macca is a friend, otherwise he wouldn't have bothered writing the Introduction. But Lennon was most likely tripping with George and Ringo in Weybridge, not sitting on the sidelines while McCartney and Wilson had a pissing contest. Does anyone buy this story?

  2. wogew says:

    Wangberg vividly recalls McCartney's solo rendition of "Lovely Rita" from this visit. Like you say, Wilson recalls Paul playing "She's Leaving Home". I think John's presence is a mistake, but since Wangberg wasn't familiar with Lennon and McCartney, he goes on to say that when he bid them farewell at the end of their visit, he called Paul John and the other person Paul, it's likely that it was someone, perhaps called John, who accompanied Paul to the session. Both McCartney and Wangberg identifies this other person as John Lennon, but this is likely to have been someone else, since he just sits there passively, listening to Brian and Paul alternating at the piano. We know that Paul and Mal was visiting John and Michelle Phillips of The Mamas And The Papas, and then left Mal with the Philipses and went to see the Beach Boys in the studio. Could it be that he just left Mal with Michelle, whereas John Philips came along with Paul? This theory is contradicted by the fact that Wangberg also worked with the Mamas and the Papas later on, and even visited John Philips in Bel Air, producing a jingle in Philips' home studio. So it remains a mystery. I have no problem believing Wangberg's story, except that John Lennon doesn't belong in the picture. Paul may indeed have played the songs Wangberg recalls, as well as the song Wilson recalled.

  3. Unknown says:

    Paul is likely conflating memories of this trip with his May 1968 visit to New York with Lennon, their only joint visit to the US without the other Beatles.

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