Tug and Pipes review

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  1. LetEmOut says:

    I think something that is not noted here, and is a big reason why many people buy these sets, is that the bonus tracks on both albums will be in upgraded quality when compared to bootlegs. Yes, the same tracks, and edited in places, but the official releases will be taken from master reels.

  2. CrackinThunder says:

    I buy deluxe sets for the video extras and the improved sound quality of the original album. If the bootlegs are good, then that is a bonus. Some of the bootlegs are really wonderful. Others, for my own taste, they are interesting but (IMHO) not worth listening to more than a few times.
    Hope that Wildlife, London Town, Red Rose Speedway, Back to the Egg get the deluxe treatment…..Some of that retro rawness is a welcome reprise from the sometimes overproduced output we are hearing today. All things being equal, not many rockers in their 70s can produce a commercially viable and respectable and quite listenable set of tunes as Macca has proven he can do.

  3. Mary says:

    Hello Mr Helter Skelter, some demos Paul don't have anymore the 'master reels', plus, they were recorded on portable tape recorders in some cases, so, no master reels are available.
    Tapes that Paul don't have anymore and he had to buy a bootleg himself (as silly as it may sounds), was the 'Piano Tape', plus others.

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