Fun at the wrong Abbey Road

As many of you know, a new station opened on the Docklands Light Railway in London called Abbey Road – it’s about 10 miles from the more well known Abbey Road crossing and studios. The station has been very confusing for unsuspecting Beatles tourists who suddenly find themselves on the outskirts of town.

Finally, London Transport reacted and put up a poster at the Abbey Road station to help the people figure out what had happened. It was an amusing poster, borrowing quotes from Beatles lyrics, and photos of the poster travelled the internet and went “viral” on Twitter.

Today, the cover band Bootleg Beatles went to Abbey Road Station to play a few songs, probably as a stunt for London’s Time Out magazine. These are some of the photos Richard Porter, Beatles walking tour guide, took today.

Here they are at the ‘wrong’ Abbey Road! 

They later went to cross the ‘Wrong’ Abbey Road crossing!  

Here’s Richard with the band in the final picture.

All photos © Richard Porter 2013

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