Halfway through Lewisohn

The Saturday-night dance in Port Sunlight, July 1962. Photo: Little, Brown Book Group.

It’s not me that’s half way through the new Beatles biography, it’s some of the other reviewers. My review copy of Mark Lewisohn’s “Tune In” is still in the mail. Here‘s David Hepworth’s half way through review.

I’m in two minds about the book. The review copy will be the standard edition, made for mass consumption. I have plans to acquire the special edition, consisting of Lewisohn’s original manuscript, before he was told to shorten it.

So I’ll probably wait it out ’till November. Or else, I’d be wasting my time, and have to re-read stories again when the real deal is out.

Meanwhile, you’ll find extracts and stories from the book all over the www. Like the exclusive Telegraph extracts I told you about in an earlier blog post. And yesterday, this photo popped up in the U.K. press:

Lennon and a bespectacled McCartney, Summer 1961. Did he just borrow John’s glasses? Photo:

Little, Brown Book Group/PA Wire

Lewisohn is said to have bought this photo from a fan in Liverpool decades ago. It finally reaches a broader audience through his book, but as it has now been published in U.K. newspapers, it will already have been seen by many more people than the potential book buyers.

The first book in Mark Lewisohn’s three volume set is the one I’m looking forward to the most. After 1962, the Beatles lived very hectic and very public lives. This will be the book of revelations.

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    Very well-observed precise by David Hepworth there… I think I'll hang on for the November Big Job too.

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