HBO: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony 2015

Television: Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame 2015

The 2015 Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame event was aired by HBO in USA last weekend, here’s what the show looked like:

Intro: a few glimpses of Paul and Ringo, among other artists

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts:

* “Bad Reputation”

* “Cherry Bomb” (introducing guest Dave Grohl on guitar and alternating vocals)

* “Crimson and Clover” (with Tommy James on guitar and guest vocals, Miley Cyrus on backing vocals. Grohl still on stage, playing guitar and singing along)

* Jann Wenner welcome speech (glimpse of Paul and Yoko sitting together in the audience alongside Jerry Lee Lewis)

* Video presentation of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

* Miley Cyrus‘ induction of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

* Acceptance speeches (glimpses of Paul and Nancy, Yoko and Olivia in the audience)

* Zac Brown & Tom Morello (with Paul Shaffer Band): “Born in Chicago”

* Video presentation of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band

* Peter Wolf‘s induction of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band

* Acceptance speeches

* Video presentation of Bill Withers

* Stevie Wonder‘s induction of Bill Withers

* Acceptance speech

* Stevie Wonder & Bill Withers: “Ain’t No Sunshine”

* John Legend (with Stevie Wonder): “Use Me”

* John Legend (with Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers): “Lean On Me”

* Video presentation of Green Day

* Fall Out Boy‘s induction of Green Day

* Acceptance speeches (glimpse of Ringo)

* Green Day:

* “American Idiot”

* “When I Come Around”

* “Basket Case

* Video presentation of The 5 Royals

* Steve Cropper‘s induction of The 5 Royals

* Acceptance speech

* Video presentation of Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble

* John Mayer‘s induction of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan

* Acceptance speeches

Doyle Bramhall II, Gary Clark Jr., Jimmy Vaughan, John Mayer and Double Trouble: 

* “Pride & Joy” / “Texas Flood”

* “Six Strings Down”

* Video presentation of Lou Reed

* Patti Smith‘s induction of Lou Reed

* Lou’s widow Laurie Anderson‘s acceptance speech

* Karen O and Nick Zinner (with Paul Shaffer Band): “Vicious”

* Beck (with Paul Shaffer Band): “Satellite of Love”

* Video presentation of Ringo Starr (by various drummers in black and white)

* Paul McCartney‘s induction of Ringo Starr

* Ringo’s acceptance speech

Ringo Starr:

* “Boys” (with Green Day) – Ringo on drums, then he goes to the front of the stage for

* “It Don’t Come Easy” (slow version with Paul Shaffer Band and Joe Walsh)

* “With A Little Help From My Friends” (with Paul Shaffer Band, Paul McCartney and Joe Walsh)

The other Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame performers come on stage and join in on backing vocals after a while.

* “I Wanna Be Your Man” – Ringo sings half the song front stage and then goes behind the drums for the instrumental break, Paul takes on the lead vocals for the last verse.

And that was that. I thought the show was very good, the producers rearranged the order of proceedings and it flowed well. The only thing I missed was when Paul and Ringo took that deep Beatles bow before they left the stage at the end.

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