Help! jackets on display before auction

George and Ringo’s Help!-jackets headed for auction

The jackets used by George Harrison and Ringo Starr on the cover of the “Help!” album are to be auctioned off, after having been on display at Liverpool’s “Beatles’ Story” museum for a week.

The jackets on display in front of a U.S.A. Help! movie poster

The jackets will be on display at the museum until Wednesday 19th March, when they will be sent to the Adelphi Hotel to be auctioned on 20th March, Beatles’ Story writes.

The jackets come from the private collection of movie director Richard Lester (82). Richard recalls “The jackets were left after filming the scenes in Austria and I recall keeping them because I did actually like the style and thought I could wear them. I actually remember turning up on the set of Petulia in 1967 (which starred Julie Christie) wearing George’s jacket only for the crew to make comments and give me stick for wearing it because of the cape at the back! In addition to the jackets we also ended up with Ringo’s Winkle Pickers from the film which I donated to charity many years ago.”

The sale is part of an auction of more than 200 lots of rare Beatles memorabilia and vinyl records to be hosted by Omega Auctions on March 20 at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the release of The Beatles’ number one hit Can’t Buy Me Love.

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