Howlett’s BBC book – new edition

Second edition of Kevin Howlett’s The Beatles – The BBC Archives

Looks like the first edition of Kevin Howlett‘s 2013 book “The Beatles – The BBC Archives”, released to coincide with the second volume of The Beatles’ BBC recordings, “On Air: Live at the BBC Volume 2” was a success. So, due out on April 16 2015 is a new edition of the book, now with a slightly different cover design and, unlike the first edition, not in a slipcase.

This book reveals how the relationship between the BBC and the world’s most celebrated pop group developed between 1962 and 1970. The book has an in-depth account of The Beatles’ BBC appearances, featuring transcripts of broadcast interviews plus photographs of the group and documents from the BBC archives.

Following Mark Lewisohn‘s decision to write his ultimate biography of The Beatles, Kevin Howlett seems to have replaced Lewisohn as the person The Beatles’ Apple company goes to when they are releasing new product, Howlett having written liner notes for all their new releases, from “Let It Be…Naked” (2003) to last year’s book that accompanied the “Beatles in mono” vinyl boxed set.

The 336 page hardcover book is being published by BBC Books in English.

ISBN-10: 1849906890

ISBN-13: 978-1849906890

The Amazon (UK) pre-order price for the new edition is currently £13.60, whereas you can still get a copy of the first edition for £29.25.

6 Responses

  1. Andrey says:

    I still haven't bought the first edition of the book and now in doubt. Will the second edition be an upgrade or addition to the first one?

  2. wogew says:

    It's likely just a reprint.

  3. RAJ says:

    The lack of attention to detail on the cover is alarming. The 1967 photo is backwards and I'm not sure the other photo id even from them performing on the BBC.

  4. Jeff Hitz says:

    Judging by the weight of the new version, it seems to be without the photographic print and six removable facsimile documents from the original version.

  5. Hugh Nique says:

    Mark Lewisohn is working on the Tune-in series, thats why Hwlett took over from him for Apple product liner notes and BBC books 🙂

  6. Paul D says:

    Raj it sounds like you are judging a book by it's cover 🙂

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