June releases – what’s coming up?

This June release has been announced.

Previously, a couple of Beatles related releases for June that we have mentioned were the new archive releases of Paul McCartney’s (Wings’ “At The Speed of Sound” and “Venus And Mars”) and the mono vinyl Beatles boxed set. Since June is already here, the Beatles release looks unlikely to happen this month. We’d like to think that it would have been advertised by now.

And, unless Paul McCartney’s recent Instagram photo is a subtle hint, “Venus and Mars” and “At The Speed Of Sound” also seems to have been delayed further.

What IS coming out in June is the new Meet the Beatles box set, presenting mini-LP CD replicas of five albums released by the Fab Four in Japan in 1964 and 1965, due out in Japan only on June 25th.

Also, A Hard Day’s Night (Criterion Collection) (Blu-ray + DVD)
is set for June 24th in the USA. It’s already out as a download and for rent on iTunes.

Meanwhile, June is time for Beatles celebrations in Holland, Denmark, New Zealand and Australia, because of the 50th anniversary of their visits to these countries.

EMI Australia wanted to compile a CD from The Beatles’ concerts down under, but didn’t get permission from The Beatles/Apple. However, their backup plan, ‘Then & Now – Australia Salutes The Beatles’, a compilation of some of Australia’s finest artists covering classic Beatles songs, is available from JB
Sanity: http://smarturl.it/ThenAndNowSanity

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  1. Brian Fried says:

    17 June is too close to the release date for Criterion's Hard Day's Night. Plus, Japan just got a new edition of New as well.

    My guess is that Paul will announce the track listing for the archives and their release date shortly after, when interest is piqued once more.

    Best guess? September release, right before the return to Asia and on to Europe for the Out There tour.

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