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The first volume of Mark Lewisohn’s “definitive” unofficial Beatles biography All These Years (volume one ‘Tune In’) is due out this autumn. Yesterday, the book’s cover was revealed (see above).

So, what do you think? Brown paper bag for “Tune In”?


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  1. appleboy says:

    I have high hopes for the book itself…but this cover defies belief. It's so bad. What is this trying to be? Cool and so different to any other book by not having a picture of the Beatles on the sleeve? Different.. but it sucks.

  2. Gabor Peterdi says:

    Well I could have done a much better job. No imagination in this cover. Even a shot of their bedrooms with their first guitars leaned against the wall or laying on the bed with some rock n roll singles, full ashtrays, Elvis and Bardot pix, broken strings and Quarry Bank ties, caps and dirty t-shirts etc. scattered around would have been a lot better. This cover is very BEATless…

  3. Michael Hockinson says:

    While doubtless someone derived great satisfaction from producing this font, with the number 4 popping out at you, hiding in a T that no longer drops, for the definitive biography of the Beatles, I was expecting something much more…well…Beately. This font just looks like it would be better suited to the cover of a very pretentious architecture coffee table book by Taschen.

    Where is Klaus Voormann when you need him?

  4. Popper says:

    It's pretty lame, espcially given the length of time he's had to mull it over.

    I really hope volume 2 isn't called "Turn On". If it is, he's got the phrase in the wrong order and anyway, you "turn on" before you "tune in".

  5. arthur barry says:

    The Beatle Brain doesn't want to pay Royalties, by using a Beatles photo…This is a tragic marketing mistake..Ask any publisher, and they would say, really?I guess there are not many bricks and morter bookstores any more, so most sales will come from the Internet…And this is supposed to be the final Beatles word, with a Walmart cover??

  6. Beatlesblogger says:

    Oh dear….quite amateur looking, isn't it? I agree with all the comments so far. This is a very disappointing cover, one that does not do justice to the high expectations surrounding the release of this (long-awaited) Beatles book. Someone of Lewisohn's standing should get better than this.

  7. Mark says:

    Atrocious. And the title's pretty bad as well. Expectations sadly lowered.

  8. Mauricio Pérez says:

    HELP!"en formato Blu-ray disponible el 25 de Junio.

  9. Unknown says:

    yeah,I think so. I also like Then Beatles t shirt.

  10. pat jourdan says:

    Well, I'm just glad the book is coming out while those of us interviewed it are still alive.yes, it looks like a book on architecture- the sort of thing we would have been asked to design in lettering class!

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