Lost Top of the pops footage found?

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  1. Unknown says:

    Does he have "Rain" too?

  2. Fred Nerk says:

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  3. Fred Nerk says:

    "The BBC do not have a policy of paying for material they themselves have lost over the years" So bureaucracy would lead this to being stored away by a collector forever? Well that's awesome. 🙁

  4. Peter C says:

    Is this the same 11-second clip that was found last year? Whatever, those who are expecting full length footage in a similar quality to The Hollies performance are likely to be disappointed!

  5. Bruce says:

    Yes! Bring it on…

  6. Nighthawk says:

    I'm sure Apple Records would be interested in buying it.

  7. Peter C says:

    I'm pretty sure Apple would not be interested, not in a poor quality, filmed-from-TV, 11-second clip, of a song they already have in at least 7 other different versions.

    Much as I welcome ANY newly found footage, I've never quite regarded this TOTP performance as the 'holy grail'. Among the other 'lost' songs The Beatles performed on TV are 'P.S. I Love You', 'Ask Me Why', 'Thank You Girl', 'Yes It Is' (3 times) and 'Eight Days A Week'… any one of these would be far more exciting finds in my opinion, as would Ringo's 1969 solo performance of 'Octopus's Garden'.

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