Mad Day Out sculpture

This “Mad Day Out” photo will be made into a sculpture. Photo: Tom Murray.

Noted British sculptor Andrew Edwards, the amazing sculptor behind the iconic dock front Beatles sculpture in Liverpool, has just finished his homage to the 50th Anniversary of Tom Murray’s Mad Day Out photographs of the Beatles by creating a bronze machete of one of the photo’s titled “Coming Apart”.

This particular piece was a real challenge to create. It required a lot of detail not only in the expressions but the movement of all four Beatles. Paul McCartney was literally falling off the roof of a building, on Old Street Station in London, and John Lennon grabbed him to keep him from falling as George and Ringo held on to John. Andy, as he likes to be called, is no stranger to the Beatles. His eight-foot sculptures of each of the Fab Four was unveiled on the docks in Liverpool in 2016 and quickly became the most photographed sculpture in the United Kingdom.

After seeing Tom’s photographs of the Mad Day Out, in the book of the same name, Andy through a mutual friend, asked if he could sculpt one of the photographs. Tom Murray was thrilled to say the least. Even more appropriate was the fact that the photographs were celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2018.

Andrew Edwards has an amazing background. He has sculpted oversize people such as Mohammad Ali, Frederick Douglass, David Beckham, the Beatles, Gordon Banks, Cilla Black and numerous others. Many of his sculptures tour the world before being placed in their final destination.

Andy is as much a philosopher as he is an artist. And can drive the conversation to social and cultural issues long past as well as present bringing out the most interesting points of view. It helps him form his subjects. He looks at them from many sides not just physical ones but his interpretation of their personality and their souls. Ultimately, his work speaks for itself.

Tom Murray’s Mad Day Out book.

Edwards, bronze machete of “Coming Apart” has never been seen and won’t be until it is unveiled at the opening VIP reception for the 50th Anniversary of Tom Murray’s Mad Day Out photographs on May 31st at Soho Contemporary Art in New York City.

This machete, which is a foot and a half in height, is the first piece of a much larger one Andy plans on creating. It will be an eight-foot bronze. A true tribute to a great band from a great artistic fan.

Part of the creative process has been filmed for inclusion in the Here, There and Everywhere Beatles Fan Film, and more will be filmed at the unveiling of the sculpture.

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Tom Murray’s Mad Day Out book has been previously available from PledgeMusic, but be published for the general public on July 1 in the UK and July 28 in the USA.

Links to preorder the book:

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